Top Questions for eBay Interview Rounds

eBay Recruitment Process
eBay follows a series of 4-5 rounds to recruit the appropriate candidates for the respective roles. The campus recruitment procedure begins with an online written test, after which the shortlisted candidates have to appear for 3-4 interviews. In case of direct applicants, a few rounds of telephonic interviews are conducted before further screening at the assessment centre. Following interviews form a part of eBay selection process:
eBay Interview Rounds
  • Technical Interviews
  • HR Interviews
Given below are some of the experiences and expected interview questions for aspiring candidates:
eBay Interview: Experience 1
Candidate background: Final year student of B.Tech
Job Profile: Software Engineer
In the initial stage, the candidate gave an online test, comprising of mathematical, logical and programming aptitude. After getting shortlisted, the candidate was called for the technical rounds.
Technical Interview 1
In the first technical interview, the panel started by asking a few basic questions on data structures, operating systems, DBMS, and Java. Then, the candidate was asked about his projects. This was followed by some of the following questions:
  • What data structure is used by Google for searching pattern?
  • Write a program to convert URL to Tiny URL.
  • Write a program to extract name from string.
  • What is deadlock? Explain all conditions.
  • What is Hashmap? how is it implemented?
  • What is difference between int and integer in Java?
The interview lasted for almost 45 minutes.
Technical Interview 2
The candidate cleared the first technical round and appeared for the second one. This interview mainly involved questions related to data structures. Given below are some of the questions that were asked in this interview:
  • What is data type? What is advantage of having data type? what will happen if we do not have data type?
  • What is normalization? Explain all types.
  • Write a program to reverse words in a string.
  • Write a program to find the largest Binary Search tree in a Binary tree.
  • How will you sort 20 Gb file? You have 4 Gb RAM? Try to come up with solution.
  • Write a program to find the mirror of a Tree.
  • Do you know about external sorting?
Further, the candidate was given 2 puzzles to solve. This interview went on for 90 minutes.
HR Interview
Candidate was called for the final round of selection. In this interview, most questions were situation-based or behavioural. Given below are some of the questions asked in HR interview of eBay:
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • How will you find the total number of cars in a particular city?
  • Suppose, you are the manager of eBay. If a number of hackers are trying to hack eBay server, how will you handle the situation?
  • Why are you interested in coding?
  • Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
The interview was over in 45 minutes.
eBay Interview: Experience 2
Candidate background: B.Tech, fresher
Job Profile: Software Engineer
(After a brief telephonic and a video interview, the candidate appeared for the following onsite interviews.)
Technical Interview Questions
  • Explain the difference between Hashtable and Hashmap.
  • What is arraylist? What is the difference between array and arraylist?
  • Explain thrashing.
  • What are ACID properties? Explain with an example.
  • What data structure is used by Google for storing data?
  • What will happen when you press a key in keyboard? how does it work internally?
HR Interview Questions
  • Why eBay?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What do you like about this job profile?
  • Have you faced any conflict in your group project?
  • Can you work under deadline pressure?
How will you handle the situation when a client is unhappy with your product?
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