Top Interview Questions for Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank Recruitment Process
Deutsche Bank follows a series of 4-5 rounds to recruit people for various roles. The campus recruitment process usually consists of an online written test, a group exercise and 2-4 rounds of interview. Similar procedure applies for the direct applicants. Some of the interviews may be held in telephonic mode. Given below are the kinds of interviews conducted by Deutsche Bank:
Deutsche Bank Interview Rounds
  • Technical Interviews
  • HR Interviews
Given below are some of the experiences and expected interview questions for aspiring candidates:
Deutsche Bank Interview: Experience 1
Candidate background: Final year student of B.Tech
Job Profile: Graduate Analyst
In the first stage, the candidate appeared for an online round. The test comprised of 3 coding questions and the given time limit was 90 minutes. The candidate cleared the online test and was called for technical rounds.
Technical Interview 1
The interview panel started by asking questions related to candidate’s training projects. Then, the candidate was asked to solve two questions:
  • Given two arrays, check if one array is rotated version of another or not.
  • Extract email addresses from a given string in an optimised way. (rules were stated)
One of the interviewers asked the candidate to explain the logic before writing the solution. The interview lasted for 30-40 minutes.
After the first technical interview, shortlisted candidates were divided into groups and given a group exercise of 30 minutes. This was a non-elimination round.
Technical Interview 2
The candidate was called for a second technical interview. The panel put specific questions regarding candidate’s projects listed in resume. Given below is the next set of questions that were asked in this interview:
  • What is the difference between SQL and no-SQL? Explain ACID properties in both? Explain query optimizations in both? (discussions on sharding, B+ Trees, indexing, etc.)
  • Which is your favourite topic?
  • What is heap sort? How do you find the shortest distance between two nodes in a graph?
  • Given a 4-digit code (hidden). Guess which system will give two values in return (No. of Exact matches (digit and position both are matched) and No. of Partial matches (digit is matched but position isn’t)). Use that values to plan your next query and crack the code. Write code for this.
The interview went on for almost 45 minutes.
HR Interview 1
The candidate qualified the technical round and appeared for the final rounds of selection. In the first HR interview, the candidate was asked the following questions:
  • Introduce Yourself
  • How was your experience at college? (discussion on coding competitions that candidate participated in)
  • How did you get familiar with coding?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • So, which last movie did you watch? (discussion on that movie)
  • Why Deutsche Bank?
  • What’s Deutsche Bank’s gain in hiring you?
  • Do you have any plan for further studies?
  • How do you think your life will change after joining Deutsche Bank?
  • Any questions for me?
The duration of this interview was around 25 minutes.
HR Interview 2
The second and final HR interview was brief and a few general questions were asked. Given below are some of these questions:
  • Tell me about your family background.
  • How do you handle failure?
  • Did you sit for any other companies? Which ones?
  • So, according to you, what was the most interesting thing in the whole interview process?
The interview was over in 10-15 minutes.
Deutsche Bank Interview: Experience 2
Candidate background: B.Tech (CSE), fresher
Job Profile: Java Developer
(After an online test and a telephonic interview, the candidate gave the following onsite interviews.).
Technical Interview Questions
  • Which was your most challenging project? Why was this project challenging to you?
  • How do you think you are perfect for this job profile?
  • Given an array consisting of 0 and 1, sort it efficiently.
  • Explain insertion and deletion in array and linked list.
  • Tell me five differences between tree and graph.
  • What is Java Reflection API?
  • Explain Bellman Ford Algorithm and how is this different from Dijkstra?
HR Interview Questions
  • Describe yourself in exactly 3 lines.
  • What will you choose between Amazon and Deutsche Bank?
  • What do you prefer, working as a teammate or a team leader?
  • Can you tell me about the most difficult situation of your life?
  • Advertise yourself in 5 minutes.
  • What will you choose between- trust and honesty?
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