Top Interview Questions for Blackstone

Blackstone Selection Process
Blackstone carries out recruitment in a series of 3-5 selection rounds. The campus hiring process comprises of 1-2 written tests and 2-3 rounds of interview. Generally, the level of each stage is considered difficult. For some profiles, resume shortlisting form the first step of hiring process. In case of direct applicants, the initial interview may be conducted via telephone, before further assessments. The following interviews form a part of Blackstone recruitment process:
Blackstone Interview Rounds
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
Given below are some of the experiences and prospective interview questions for aspiring candidates:
Blackstone Interview: Experience 1
Candidate background: Final year student of B.Tech (EE)
Job Profile: Financial Analyst
After clearing the online written round, the candidate appeared for technical interview.
Technical Interview
The technical interview started with a few introductory questions from the panel. Given below are some of the other questions asked in this interview:
  • Why do you want to switch from tech to business?
  • Tell us about your basic understanding of business. (Questions on business-specific terms were asked)
  • Tell me about your latest internship. What did you learn?
  • Consider any sector and tell us how will you predict its growth? Whom will you approach for the relevant data?
  • Have you read about any case study as a part of your interview questions?
  • Why did you choose EE?
Then, the panel put some questions related to academic subjects of the candidate. This interview lasted for 30-35 minutes.
HR Interview
The candidate qualified the technical interview round and appeared for the HR interview. The interviewer asked the following questions:
  • Why Blackstone?
  • So, which other companies have shortlisted you? Which one would you prefer?
  • Walk me through your resume
  • Tell me about your skills.
  • Will you stay 4 years with us?
  • What are your expectations from us?
Blackstone Interview: Experience 2
Candidate background: B.Tech
Job Profile: Automation Engineer
(The candidate applied online. After passing the written test, the candidate appeared for the following interviews.)
Technical Interview Questions
  • Given a few coding questions. (palindrome logic, arraylist, etc.)
  • Do you know the selenium code?
  • How would you do exception handling in selenium framework?
  • What are ways of reporting in selenium?
  • What do you know about Automation frameworks? List their pros and cons.
HR Interview Questions
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Tell me about your family background.
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • What are your motivations?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What was the biggest risk you took in your life?
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