Technical Question Bank : Mysql

Generally, recruiters conduct technical interviews to assess candidates for technical or specialist job positions. The interviewers check your field-specific technical knowledge. You need to be well aware of the fundamental concepts of Mysql to ace your interview well.
List of Technical Questions based on Mysql
  • The student marks should not be greater than 100. This is
  • BCNF Stands for _________.
  • In an RDBMS relationship between tables are created by using
  • In order to add a new column to an existing table in SQL, we can use the command
  • _____ is process of extracting previously non known valid and actionable information from large data to make crucial business and strategic decisions.
  • Referential integrity is directly related to
  • Data Warehouse provides
  • The problem that occurs when one transaction updates a database item and then the transaction fails for some reason is ________.
  • Which level of Abstraction describes what data are stored in the Database?
  • What is Granularity?
  • Storing same data in many places is called.
  • TCL is used for _______?
  • DCL is used to _______?
  • DDL is used for _______?
  • DML is used for _______?
  • Query result can be displayed vertically by terminating the query____?
  • Which command is used to import data form text file in MySQL on MySQL editor?
  • The DISTINCT keyword used along with the SELECT keyword retrieves ______ ?
  • Which clause is used to sort the result of SELECT statement?
  • Which statement is used to count number of rows in table?
  • Which statement is used to load data form file to table?
  • What is maximum length of Database, Table, Column, trigger and view's name in MySQL?
  • Which statement is used to displays information about the columns in a table.
  • Which statement is used to change database?
  • Which command returns current version on MySQL?
  • Which statement is used to connect with mysql server?
  • What is IGNORE keyword in MySQL?
  • How to see currently running queries in MySQL?
  • How to set value of "query_cache_size" MYSQL system variable
  • Query to check value of MYSQL system variable
  • Mysql is ____?
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