Technical Question Bank : PHP

Technical interviews are conducted to select candidates for technical or graduate-level specialist job positions. The purpose of these interviews is to assess your field-specific knowledge. Review the basics of PHP to get a good score in your technical interview.
List of Technical Questions based on PHP
  • If class implementing the interface does not use exact same method signatures as are defined in the interface. Will show
  • Static properties cannot be initialized using
  • If property of class is declare using var then PHP5 will treat the property as?
  • Class member variables are also called?
  • How to typecast a variable to Boolean?
  • include_once is a ________.
  • microtime() returns _______.
  • What will range('a', 'z') return?
  • Which PHP function or variable will return the value of current session id?
  • What is the simplest method of computing the sum of all the elements of an array?
  • What is the name of function used to convert an array into a string?
  • _______ function is used to sort an array in ascending order by value while preserving key associations.
  • Array values are keyed by ______ values (called indexed arrays) or using ______ values (called associative arrays).
  • Which object-oriented pattern would you use to implement a class that must be instantiated only once for the entire lifespan of a script?
  • In PHP 5, how can you write a class so that some of its properties cannot be accessed from outside its methods?
  • The ___________ function automatically transforms newline characters into HTML tags.
  • By default, PHP stores session data in ______________.
  • How are session variables accessed through?
  • If cookie expiration time is not set explicitly, what happens to it?
  • PECL stands for?
  • PEAR stands for?
  • How does the identity operator === compare two values?
  • __FILE__ is ?
  • list in PHP is ?
  • PHP allow which commenting style?
  • In terms of keywords and language syntax, PHP is similar to?
  • What is most appropriate way to open file "placementquestion.txt" in write mode?
  • In PHP, variable always start with _____?
  • A PHP scripting block always starts with
  • PHP stands for
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