Technical Question Bank: C++

Technical interviews intend to gauge the technical knowledge of the candidates. These interviews are conducted to choose the right candidates for specialist or technical job positions. You need to have a sufficient knowledge of C++ to ace the interview with a good score.
List of Technical Questions based on C++
  • Which keyword is used to declare the min and max functions?
  • What kind of functions are min and max in C++?
  • How many parameters are needed for minmax function?
  • Which function is used to return the minimum element in the range?
  • Which operator is used to compare the values to find min and max?
  • What is a size of empty class in c++?
  • In c++ object of the class is also called?
  • ________ is a default access specifier for members of class in C++.
  • ________ is a default access specifier for members of structures in C++.
  • In object oriented programming, by wrapping up characteristics and behavior into one unit, we achieve
  • Which diagram provides a formal graphic notation for modelling objects, classes and their relationships to one another?
  • The mechanism that binds code and data together and keeps them secure from outside world is known as
  • A Class can have how many destructor?
  • The parameter list in function overloading must differ by?
  • Data members are also called?
  • In how many ways is polymorphism achieved in C++?
  • The Object is not declared for which class?
  • The constructor without parameter is called?
  • The static member variable is initialized to?
  • A __________ is a special method used to initialize the instance variable of a class.
  • Member of a class specified as _______ are accessible only to method of the class.
  • The goal of operator overloading is __________.
  • What features make C++ so powerful?
  • Local Variables can be access?
  • Local Variables can be access?
  • In C++ every statement end with?
  • What is pointer?
  • If class A inherits from more than one class, ie. A inherits from B1, B2, called
  • If class A inherits from class B, then B is called _______ of A. A is called ________ of B.
  • ________ is the mechanism which allows a class A to inherit properties of a class B.
  • Who is father of C++ Language?
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