Top 50 Other (Science, Economy, Environment) topics for GD

Top 50 Others (Science, Economy, Environment, etc)
  • Air pollution
  • Should government give more subsidies to farmers or provide better mechanism for loan?
  • What should be the intent behind entrepreneurship?
  • Outsourcing and off shoring - Do MNCs have a duty to maintain a strong presence in their home country
  • India or West?
  • Public sectors v/s private sectors
  • Prioritizing assets of a country
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Is texting hampering our vocab?
  • Is inclusive development a myth in India?
  • Privatization of higher education
  • Entrepreneurship for the poor. Is it a choice or force on them?
  • Money spent on space exploration can be better used on reducing poverty on earth
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  • Should highly paid employees enjoy protection under labor laws?
  • Online shopping- a boon or a bane?
  • Professional leagues are doing more harm to Indian sports than gains.
  • Should Government intervention in Indian education system be allowed?
  • Salaries of CEOs, Athletes and Actors should be capped
  • E-commerce will increase pollution
  • Is celebrity life a difficult life?
  • Computers dehumanizing society
  • Should tablets replace textbooks?
  • Government school dropouts – how to stop?
  • Dependency on computer
  • Environment - What man is doing to Nature
  • The Great Indian Telecom Revolution
  • Should military training be made compulsory for all? 
  • Should dance bars be banned
  • Can Google+ surpass Facebook 
  • Higher education in India is not of good quality
  • Inflation and its social effects
  • Happiness does not depend upon wealth and status
  • Young people are spending less and less time reading books
  • Businesses cannot be run on undemocratic principles
  • Negative effects of Animal Conservation Practices
  • A borderless world is practically impossible
  • Technology is a double edge sword
  • Creative freedom or Censorship, which is important
  • E-Commerce is the face of the new economy
  • Nuclear Energy 
  • The health policy is evidence based
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  • Pvt. Health insurance in India – Advantage and Disadvantage
  • IPL -has cricket lost its essence
  • Can online shopping eradicate shopping malls?
  • Which needs more investment - agriculture or industries?
  • Is sports administrator the biggest impediment in India's Olympic medal hopes?
  • India's electronic media - more opinion, less news
  • Mass Media, a boon or a curse?
  • Why indigenous products couldn't compete with international brands in consumer market?
  • Economy driven by Profit, Are we losing Ethical Values?
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