100 Group Discussion (GD) Topics for MBA 2024

Below is a list of expected topics for Group Discussion based on the topics that were covered during admissions in 2023. Take a look at these topics and try to read about the latest events in the world and make sure you have relevant information to support your statement during the GD round in the admission process this year.
We have mentioned below a list of expected topics from different genres that were included in Group Discussions held during previous year’s MBA admissions. We have updated this list and current topics based on events around the world have been added so make sure you are acquainted with all major happenings in the world.
Social Issues
1. The Rise of Gig Economy and Its Social Implications
2. Challenges in Implementing Sustainable Development Goals: The Urban-Rural Divide in Healthcare Accessibility
3. The Role of Youth in Shaping India's Political Landscape
4. Digital Divide in India: Boon or Bane?
5. Is India's Youth Prepared for the Future Workforce?
6. Evolving Dynamics of Work-Life Balance in Post-Pandemic India
7. Social Media: A Catalyst for Political Change or a Platform for Misinformation?
8. The Growing Concern of Mental Health Among India's Youth: Understanding and Addressing the Issue
9. The Rise of the Gig Economy in India: Empowerment or Exploitation?
10. Social Media Influence on Indian Youth: Shaping Opinions and Behaviors
11. Educational Disparities in Post-Pandemic India: Bridging the Gap
1. NEP 2020: A Revolutionary Step or Just Another Policy Change?
2. Online Learning in India: A Temporary Shift or the New Normal?
3. Skill Development vs. Academic Excellence: What Should India Focus On?
4. Educational Equity in India: Myth or Reality?
5. Technology in Education: Transforming or Disrupting the Traditional Learning Models?
6. Should financial literacy be included in the Indian school curriculum?
7. Philosophy of Education
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Economy and Agriculture
1. Impact of GST on the Indian Economy: Success or Failure?
2. Startups in India: Driving Force for Economic Growth or Just a Trend?
3. Digital Divide and its Consequences
4. Reduction in demand for hotels during covid
5. Do the brick-and-mortar shops have a future in the upcoming AR and VR marketplace? AI’s impact on the economy
6. Role of Microfinance in Rural India: Empowerment or Debt Trap?
7. The Role of FDI in India's Growth Story: Boon or Bane?
8. Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Genuine Efforts or Image Building?
9. The Future of Work in India: Impact of AI and Automation on Jobs
10. Women Leadership in Corporate India: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
11. Data Privacy and Protection in Indian Businesses: Adequacy of Current Policies
12. Make in India vs. Atma Nirbhar Bharat: Different Approaches to Self-Reliance?
13. Cryptocurrency in India: A Financial Revolution or a Regulatory Nightmare?
14. The Role of Fintech in Shaping India's Financial Landscape
Political and International Affairs
1. India's Balancing Act in Global Geopolitics: Non-Alignment or Strategic Partnerships?
2. The Impact of Recent Indian Political Reforms on Domestic and International Relations
3. Climate Change Diplomacy: India's Position and Contributions
4. The Influence of Social Media on Indian Politics and Public Opinion
5. India's Economic Diplomacy: Balancing Trade Tensions and Opportunities
6. Digital Sovereignty: India’s Stance on Internet Regulation and Freedom
7. India's Role in United Nations Reforms: Aspirant or Spectator?
8. Is India ready for 5G?
Science and Technology
1. Ethical Implications of AI and Machine Learning: Progress at What Cost?
2. Space Exploration and Commercialization: The Next Frontier or a Risky Venture?
3. Impact of 5G Technology on Global Communication and Economy
4. Data Localization-Benefits and Challenges
5. Driverless Tech
6. If India has a chance to create a revolution, it is in Web 3.0.
7. How can ML be used to manage traffic on Indian city roads?
8. Pervasive technology is creating a generation of Cyber Zombies.
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1. Green Jobs are essential for sustainable development.
2. Disaster Management in India
3. Is Climate Change for real?
4. Wildlife Corridors: Luxury or Need?
Ethical Concerns
1. Ethical Implications of AI Adoption in India: Balancing Innovation and Privacy
2. Media Ethics and Misinformation in the Digital Age: The Indian Context
3. Corporate Ethics in Indian Businesses Post-COVID-19: Profit vs. Social Responsibility
4. A company provides you with good health services, but in return it takes your personal data such as heartbeat, sleeping pattern etc. Do you think it is ethical?
1. Ambitions change!
2. Providence and its effects
3. Is being vegetarian the way to go for the world?
4. Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination.
5. Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.
6. War is the ultimate price we pay for lasting peace.
7. Is humanity enough to handle crises and serve people in need?
Management/ Skill-based
1. Does previous corporate experience help in becoming a successful entrepreneur?
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