Latest Group Discussion Topics of 2019

Important GD Topics from 2018-2019
Factual Group Discussion Topics
  1. Can MOOCs and other virtual learning platforms replace conventional learning platforms? (IIFT Delhi)
  2. Should the Metro cities in India be de-populated? (IIFT)
  3. Are days of US dominance over? (IIFT Delhi)
  4. Rafale deal (IIT Kanpur)
  5. Ayushman Bharat (MDI)
  6. Sabarimala - a progressive step or threat to religion (MDI)
  7. One India, One election: pros and cons (MDI)
  8. Government has decided to give yearly 6000 to farmers in this new budget. Good or just a political gimmick? (MDI)
  9. Coalition Government: Is it a threat to the citizens of the country? (MDI)
  10. Role of women in society (MDI)
  11. Should agricultural subsidies be stopped? (MDI)
  12. Is bullet train really needed in India? (NITIE)
  13. Is IPL a waste of time and money? (NITIE)
  14. Recent bank scams and reason for it- is fragile system or political blessing? (NITIE)
  15. Demonetization- Was it a success or failure? (NITIE)
  16. Abolition of death penalty (SCMHRD)
  17. Economic Growth v/s Environmental sustainability (SIBM Pune)
  18. Are organizations ready for LGTBQI inclusion in workforce? (TAPMI)
  19. Age of humanoids: How do they affect us? (TAPMI)
  20. Loss of values in schools (TAPMI)
  21. Is depreciating rupee a good sign? (TAPMI)
  22. Should medical tourism be banned in India to curb illegal organ trading? (TAPMI)
  23. Tobacco: should it be banned or not? (TAPMI)
  24. Education system in India (TISS)
  25. Working class in India: Issues and Challenges (TISS)
  26. Investment in higher education (TISS)
  27. Building industry-academia partnership for the growth of knowledge economy (TISS)
  28. Labour laws: Issues, challenges and their solutions in India (TISS)
  29. Gender inequality (TISS)
  30. Role of Media (TISS)
  31. What is Forest Rights Act? Why has it been in news recently? (TISS)
  32. Describe different sociological approaches to religion and their impacts on development. (TISS)
  33. Critically examine the benefits, impacts and cons of Corporate Social Responsibility. (TISS)
  34. Inter-caste marriage (TISS)
  35. Skill development (TISS)
  36. To increase gender quality in society, there must be women quota for MBA programmes. (XLRI)
  37. Digital India (XIMB)
  38. India should cut diplomatic ties with Pakistan. (XIMB)
  39. Short and long term implications of surgical strikes (FMS)
  40. As a nation, are we prepared to handle natural calamities? (GIM)
  41. How will research help in management education? (GIM)
  42. E-commerce is tempting customers to buy unneeded things. (GIM)
  43. Presidential v/s parliamentary form of democracy (FORE)
  44. Demonetisation: Was it helpful in eradicating Black money? (ICFAI)
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  46. Indian Smart cities (ICFAI)
  47. Globalisation (LBS)
  48. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (NIRMA)
  49. Increasing vehicular pollution (NIRMA)
  50. Is Mars mission justified in a developing country like India? (Welingkar)
  51. Is bureaucracy a hindrance to the economic reforms in India? (Welingkar)
  52. Impact of social media on society (Welingkar)
  53. What is ailing Indian banking system? (Welingkar)
  54. Aadhar Card: Is it helpful or not? (Welingkar)
  55. Sittwe Port (XIME)
  56. Kaladan operation (XIME)
  57. Digital India - still a dream (XIME)
Abstract Group Discussion Topics
  1. Music, Sports and Wine: Impact on perceived peacefulness. (IIFT Delhi)
  2. Spending time is more important than spending money on children (MDI)
  3. E-Learning can substitute classroom learning. (MDI)
  4. Indians perform better individually than in groups. (NITIE)
  5. Is what India needs is a dictatorship? (NITIE)
  6. Social media- boon or bane? (NITIE)
  7. What is not to be worshipped (SCMHRD)
  8. Renaming a historical thing is like paying tribute to the history. (SCMHRD)
  9. Nationalism v/s Globalization (SIIB Pune)
  10. Beauty pageants good or bad. (SITM)
  11. Laptops at home are an evil. (SITM)
  12. Advertising campaign should be truthful or not? (TAPMI)
  13. Achieving digital India by 2025 (TAPMI)
  14. Should people from military be given reservation in business schools? (XLRI)
  15. Abortion should be banned. Even a mother has no right to kill her child. (XLRI)
  16. Celebrities set a bad example for the young generation when they flaunt their romantic relationships openly (XLRI)
  17. Learning about yourself is the most difficult task (FMS)
  18. Justice delayed is justice denied (FMS)
  19. Who is a winner- book smart person or a street smart person? (FMS)
  20. Corruption is the root cause of slow growth of Indian economy (FMS)
  21. Bureaucracy v/s Democracy (FMS)
  22. Bigger states being divided into smaller ones- is politically correct or not? (FMS)
  23. ‘Hard work embedded with smart work’ is the key to success. (FMS)
  24. Good marks are not a reflection of high IQ. (XIMB)
  25. There are no facts, but only opinions. (XIMB)
  26. Is technical education necessary to enter into the management field? (XIMB)
  27. Smart cities aren't smart. For or against? (XIMB)
  28. Online learning is a good substitute for classroom learning. (XIMB)
  29. A dot (GIM)
  30. A ship is the safest on the harbor but this is not what a ship is made for. (GIM)
  31. World without AI (Artificial Intelligence) (GIM)
  32. We want the best person to win the elections but the best person doesn’t really contest for it. (UBS)
  33. Fools don't take advice; wise don't need it (UBS).
  34. Our life is a product of our past decisions.
  35. Should national anthem be played in theatres? (Delhi University)
  36. Made in India - only a slogan? (FORE)
  37. One Nation, One Election (LBS)
  38. Journalists make mockery of the ‘freedom of speech’ (LBS)
  39. What is life? (SRCC)
  40. Sustainability and Marketing: Are they compatible? (Welingkar)
  41. Is city road for pedestrians, vehicles or squatters/ hawkers? (Welingkar)
  42. Women are better managers than men (XIME)
  43. What is your view on B-schools admitting those only with work experience? (XIME)
  44. Corruption is something which keeps the economy running. It is impossible to eradicate it. (XIME)
  45. CSR should be decided by corporate itself or not? (XIME)
Case Based GD Topics
  1. Case study related to marketing (globalization & liberalization) (IIT Kanpur)
  2. Competitive games should be banned at young age (IIM-A)
  3. Direct bank transfer (DBT) vs Basic farm services. (IIM-A)
  4. Groundwater depletion and electricity subsidy (IIM-A)
  5. A driver with 15-year work experience and good behavior was promoted as a personal driver of Managing director of a large public sector company. On a day, after a long tiring trip, he took the vehicle to his own house rather than parking it at the office, which was against office norms. On that very day, he killed an 8-year-old girl who was crossing road hastily. The driver tried to save that girl but it all happened so quickly, that he could not save her. He was taken to custody but was later released from the law of land due to lack of enough evidence. Now you are managing director of the company. Decide what course of action you would take keeping that fact that taking office vehicle to home was against company’s rules and regulations?    (IIM-S)
  6. Case based on the course of action for a company’s management so as to remain in the same market or diversify into another. (IIM-S)
  7. Case regarding a company dilemma. What should production manager do to increase productivity? Few constraints were imposed. (IIM-S)
  8. Case based on an ethical dilemma about whether a person can share a software he uses as a part of his job to his friend who will benefit by using the software. (IIM-S)
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  10. Animal practice for medicines and cosmetics (KJ Somaiya)
  11. Is social media an effective medium of communication? Is it turning us into a hyper anxious society? (KJ Somaiya)
  12. #MeToo (KJ Somaiya)
  13. National anthem in cinema (KJ Somaiya)
  14. Digital Communication (KJ Somaiya)
  15. Driverless Cars (KJ Somaiya)
  16. You are the member of the board of directors of the company. A research grants needs to be given with your permission. You are required to focus on the CSR part of the company. (5 options are given out of which the group needs to choose and justify one option) (IRMA)
  17. You are running a chain of hospitals, which is in loss. (some facts given about the case) Give suggestions. (IRMA)
  18. Why does Amazon want to maintain its position as a leader in Indian E-commerce? (NMIMS)
  19. Based on your recommendation, it has been decided that a UV radiation machine will be implemented in the company to increase productivity. The Environmental Quality Board has to deem the machine usable and ensure that levels are permissible. However, your superior feels that it is unnecessary to involve the Environmental Quality Board as it is of no use. What will be your stand? (NMIMS)
  20. An extract was given on agricultural condition in India along with a comparison between India and US on agricultural factors (per hectare productivity, total productivity, total cultivable land, etc.). Give suggestions. (NMIMS)
  21. Bill gates foundation has four options to aid monetarily (1st prize: 10 crore, 2nd prize: 2 crore, 3rd prize: 50000). Options are:
    1. diagnosis kit for elephantiasis
    2. water filtration machine
    3. menstruation awareness and sanitary pads for free
    4. mental health awareness and suicide prevention initiatives Decide the rankings. (NMIMS)
  22. Google entering into niche market (data given regarding Google and its rivals) (SIBM)
  23. Case study based on the increasing attrition rate and decreasing productivity of a company and group being the HR department of that company, has to arrive at a solution. (SIBM)
  24. A case about a political party which had won the previous 5 elections held. But, the recent election results showed that they had won by a very slim margin. The party head decided to start a start up focusing on the younger generation/millennials. Unfortunately for him, even this didn't work. He had an employee force of about 20 people and was willing to add up to 30 more employees. What business strategy the party head should use? (SIBM)
  25. Case based on an Italian restaurant set up by an Indian (Ritu). Customer analysis was given. Reviewers’ ratings on multiple platforms were mentioned. The business was going well until the government served the owner a relocation notice as the previous landowner had acquired the land illegally. The logistics of relocation was not a problem for Ritu. The main issue was the inadequacy of the compensation provided by the government compared to the price paid by Ritu for the land. So she had to invest her savings in the new location. Also, she had to maintain the restaurant's brand equity and brand image. Suggest a business strategy. (SIBM)
  26. A case study about a startup where a startup had been successful initially but had to now expand its operations to 8 cities from 1. Give suggestions. (SIBM)
  27. Case study regarding a small company's business card design and optimal use of space. (SIOM)
  28. Case study regarding a company deciding its CSR activities (options and related data given). As a Board member, candidates are to discuss where to use the resources. (SIOM)
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