Group Discussion Topics

Socio & Political GD Topics
         Defense or Development?
         Is the concept of Non- Violence still applicable?
         Rural Vs Urban development
         Social Networking is a menace.
         100% privatization - good or bad?
         20 years of liberalization has pushed India to pre 1991 era
         "A black man motivating people against America on grounds of social, economic, injustice and inequality.
         And the topic to discuss was "Mobilizing masses on basis of caste, creed, and colour. Is it right or wrong?""
         A video on rural India was shown and a bicycle was used to work as a washing machine and the topic to discuss
                was "What drives innovation?".
         "A video shown on rural India, showing initiative by the government and the author spoke about sustainable income.
                The topic to discuss was "How has India incorporated inclusive capitalism in its growth model"."
         Animal research is Moral Crime
         Anna Hazare movement on Lokpal Bill, whether India needs it or not?
         Appropriate age for adulthood is 18, 21 or 25 years?
         Are call center employees cyber coolies?
         Are we producing a generation of burnt out children?
         Are women capable of taking more stress as compared to men?
         Are women fit to join Army?
         Arranged marriages vs. love marriages
         Black money- How black is it?
         Brain Drain is good for the country
         Cartoon given showing a boy downloading something from internet and law on piracy was given. Discuss how to curb
         "Case study on Adhaar cards wherein future prospects, impact, problems probably arising, financial aspects were
         Competition is best for increasing efficiency
         Corruption is just the consideration for the services rendered
         Crowd outsourcing – issues and challenges.
         Doctors indulging in trafficking of human parts should be given death penalty.
         Excessive use of electronic gadgets is leading to hampering of analytical skills of students
         Expensive quality is better than cheap trash
         GE and GM Crops (The Bt Brinjal case)
         Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition by mediocre minds.
         Has Judicial System of India failed?
         How is new technology effecting our society?
         How would you influence people?
         If it suits you carry on and forget everything else
         Import of Chinese toys. Is it good or bad?
         In the world of tough competition, corruption is unavoidable.
         India is a superpower in 21 century with 40 crore hungry people.
         India shining or corrupting
         India should attack Pakistan in order to retaliate for Mumbai terror attacks.
         India's biggest threat - corruption, terrorism or China?
         After financial meltdown, should the government use taxpayer's money to bailout the companies?
         Can India become the next superpower?
         Can reservation in institutions be shown as an area of social responsibility?
         Capitalism is flawed but other systems are much worse.
         Centre- state relations in India
         Chindia is it a reality?
         Coalition governments are affecting the Indian govt.
         Coalition Governments: Are they the way ahead?
         Consumer rights awareness in India
         Corrupt but efficient politicians are better than non corrupt and inefficient ones
         Corruption is the price we pay for democracy
         Democracy in India is an eyewash.
         Democracy in India is now a civilized monarchy
         Democracy in our country would be complete only by introducing a right to recall of the representatives by the
         Democracy is more of a mockery in India now.
         Demographic dividend in India is an outstretched idea
         Division of India on the basis of language is right or wrong?
         Do we need a classless society?
         Do we need to preserve the Indian Culture?
         E-governance in India, challenges faced in enforcing, role of NGO's and Private sector.
         Election commission should be more strict?
         Euthanasia as a Human Right
         Freedom of Speech: Should there be any limit?
         Future of Regional Parties in India
         Governance in India is at all time low
         Has the youth grossly failed to do its duty towards the nation?
         Honor Killings: the way out
         How important is the women reservation bill?
         How secular is secular India?
         "If land acquisition bill is prepared should government have more roles in acquiring
         or should private players be trusted?"
         Importance of young generation in the process of nation building.
         In a socialist Country such as India, should salaries of executives be regulated?
         In India, Should minorities be given the first right to resource?
         India can never catch up with China in terms of Economic growth.
         India cannot grow without improving its agriculture sector.
         India is a great aspirational society.
         India is on the volcano of social issues like inequality, poverty
         India should also follow two party system in politics.
         Indians can do better if they are told beforehand?
         Inefficiency creeping within the Indian governance
         Is democracy the best form of government?
         Is India a superpower in making?
         Is India moving towards food insecurity?
         Is India really a secular country?
         Is India really a secular state?
         Is India's large population good or bad for it?
         Is the Nuclear Power best way forward for India?
         Is the participation of students in politics desired?
         Is today's youth prey to society's ever rising expectations?
         Judicial Activism
         Lalu will be a successful PM
         Large population is a hindrance to economic growth.
         Look East policy" is not beneficial for India.
         Mitt Romney is a republican candidate in America standing for elections and commented on Golden temple, to which
                India reacted, is India over reactive?
         Peace and Non Violence are outdated concepts. Comment on it.
         Politicization and Commercialization of sports - reality or fake?
         Politics and Religion should definitely go hand in hand.
         Politics is a necessary evil.
         Power-nucleate or nuclear.
         Presidential form of government will help in prospering India
         Public demonstrations are a way for people to protest against injustice
         Recently MPs were given 50k Rupees to buy tabs and digitize work. Is the hard earned money of Indian taxpayers
                being misused?
         Regional Politics: Boon or Bane for India?
         Relevance of democracy
         Religion and secularism can co exist
         Religion should not be a center stage in a secular state?
         Reorganization of states in India
         Reservation for Women
         Reservation in the private sector
         Reservation of jobs should be there for local people
         Secular India - Does it still exists?
         Should Business Houses finance elections?
         Should capital punishment be scrapped?
         Should donations to political parties be exempted from Income tax?
         Should Gandhigiri be adopted by young generation?
         Should India role back the economic stimulus package?
         Should Indian politicians be evaluated for their political skills before nomination? If yes, how?
         Should youth be engaged in politics?
         Smaller states are the need of the hour.
         Social Clause is also a form of protection
         Social impact of slowdown
         Social Networking is a menace.
         Swadesh is no longer relevant in India.
         Tackling terror should be the first priority for Indian govt.
         The Chinese miracle: can India imitate it?
         The implication of the change in US Presidency for India
         The nuclear liability bill
         The situation between the union and state governments has always been a matter of controversy
         The Third Front: Importance in Indian Politics.
         Thirty three percent Reservation for women in jobs.
         Turmoil in Pakistan: a threat to India.
         Environment concern- how grave is it?
         Villages are the pride of India
         Voters, not, politicians are responsible for criminalization of politics
         Welcome to Socialism
         What India needs now is Dictatorship.
         What should be done to uplift status of Muslims
         While working in a corporate firm, can you contribute towards the development of the society?
         Women reservation is beneficial for the country.
         Women's quota will increase gender disparity
         Worsening sex ratio in India
         Youth are responsible for improving the society, give us a break.
         Rising crimes against women
         Has feminism evolved over years?

More About Group Discussion

Most B Schools organize a GD to assess the communication skills of a candidate. The idea is to observe how a person speaks, what he speaks, his level of confidence, his ability to listen and convince others, and his behavior towards colleagues. These qualities are essential to work in a team in an organization. It's not the time to take it cool and easy, rather it's the time to be at your competitive best. The GD's and the Interviews are far tougher than the Written Test. They test your presence of mind, the depth of your knowledge, your communication skills and your ability to argue logically.

Group Discussion Process:

In a typical GD, there are usually 7-12 people who discuss a topic for about 15-25mins. There are no specific instructions on how the topic should be discussed, who should speak first or how the group should behave. The evaluators keep observing silently each student from a distance and make notes with which the final evaluation is done. Sometimes if there is a fish market, the evaluators may make it a guided discussion or turn-wise discussion. At times there is a case let given and group has to discuss the issues relating to it. The predominant focus is on analytical skills. And everyone gets a chance to speak his / her mind.

Group Discussion (GD) Topics:

The GD topics are pretty general and broad-based and concern something that any student can (and should be able to) discuss; these require no special technical knowledge, only an overall understanding of the issues involved. Also, given the duration, each student cannot hope to get more than 1 to 1½ minutes in all within which to make an impression. Also, you can expect, not more than 40-50seconds at a stretch. This, then, is the challenge - how to get an opportunity to speak and when you get it, how to effectively communicate your thoughts within this short time.


Every company would have different evaluation parameters, but generally the following are the point that they will look at:
Strength of Point : New Point. Building upon an Existing Point. Rationale behind the Point. Quality of Examples Given.
Body Language : Style of sitting & Eye Contact. Movement of hands & Listening Style
Team Work & Assertiveness : Teamwork/Police-work shown. Giving direction to Group.Assertiveness/Convincing ability.
Communication Skills : Command over language / wit & humour. Clarity of voice,Voice modulation


1. Communication Abilities : The ability to communicate effectively your viewpoint is a key ingredient to being successful. The emphasis is on effectiveness - how well the others have understood your point, which is determined by the clarity of thought, conciseness and delivery. Remember, communication is not about using big or high-sounding words or being fluent, it's all about making you understood. Remember, your goal is to explain, not confuse further. So the thumb rule should be to KISS (Keep It Simple, Short and Sweet).

2. Team Skills They are all about managing people - either one-to-one or increasingly, in a team setting. Hence, most companies are interested in knowing how well you camper form various team roles - a team player (cog in the wheel), a mediator or a leader. A display of fair play, sharing of responsibility and authority, appreciation of others' contributions, empathy and confidence-building can go a long way in establishing your identity as a valuable team-player.

3. Analytical Skills How quickly, clearly and dispassionately you can analyze a given situation is integral to the ultimate resolution of any problem/situation. Remember, decisiveness is an extremely valuable trait even in personal life, more so in professional life. However, it shouldn't be taken to be a license for indulging in reckless, rash thinking. Just avoid indecision.

4. Awareness / General Knowledge A thorough knowledge of your political, social, economic, business and other environment is a pre-requisite for success in any walk of life. A would-be manager needs this knowledge to a greater degree because these factors can have a great bearing on the business he is managing. Of course, the GD may not hinge on your knowing what dish Sonia Gandhi had at the luncheon after the Indo-Pak summit, but it will definitely pay if you know the major points on the accord signed after the summit!

GD FAQ’s :

Let us discuss some commonly asked doubts about handling group discussions.

1. Starting the GD gives me an advantage, doesn't it ?
If you speak well, Yes. Otherwise, it shows that you are not very well prepared and are just trying to be an eager beaver. Also only one person can start a GD. It does not mean that the others are not so good or that they are slow starters. You have 20 minutes to make your points so there is no need to panic if you cannot start the GD.

2. How many times should I speak in a GD ?
Well, there is no rule. While it is good if you speak 3-4 times, even if you speak just once and speak sense, it counts more than speaking thrice and saying nonsense.

3. I must speak for the issue or against the issue, is that the case?
Wrong! Most people conclude the GD before they finish their first sentence by saying "I think that art movies are boring and should be banned". It would help if you try to raise a few points for discussion before jumping to a conclusion. As the old saying goes “Do not jump to conclusions or they may jump on you”.

4. If everybody is shouting then I too must start shouting, right?
Very often, the whole group starts shouting and each one blames it on the other. You could join them, but if you have been at GD's, then you will realize that there are times when the group hits a crescendo and then there is a sudden lull, this probably is the time to enter the discussion. In any case you must at least make the effort to get yourself heard though there is no reason to shout throughout the GD.

5. Should I say "excuse me" before I interrupt someone?
No!! You are speaking as a matter of right and therefore there is no need to apologize for interrupting someone if you think that he has had his say and you have a point to make. Just get straight to the point.

6. Do I need to give an introduction before I get to the point?
Please do not get into introductions. Remember that there are 9 more people who are waiting to speak and want concrete points, not long winded introductions. It is in your interest to get to the crux of the matter.

7. What is more important - manner of presentation or the content?
Both. However, it is far more important to say something sensible than to say something at all. Hence, between the two, content is more important than presentation. Once content is in place, it helps to present your point in as nice manner as possible. Presentation does not mean flourish, fluency in English or great vocabulary but has more to do with conciseness and clarity. It is okay if your method of presentation is "poor" as long as you can get your point of view across effectively without being rude or impolite.

8. Okay, I didn't start the discussion, so how do I enter it?
Entering the discussion is an important facet of GD and you should learn this well. Some guidelines are : Don’t jump in. Wait for a pause or a lull in the discussion. In the meantime, keep eye contact with speaker(s) (and the "leader") and actively participate with gestures such as nodding your head to points you agree with. As you establish eye contact, you will be able to identify when to enter. Otherwise, when appoint you agree with is being made, you can try to add on to the speakers' points and thus take off from there. However, don't be offensive and don't cut off the speaker. If you do so, ensure that you begin with by saying "I agree with.".

Other strategies for entering a discussion could be
• Start with an interesting anecdote - some relevant incident that happened in your personal life or something published. Quotes can also be used to the same effect.
• Seek clarifications from the speaker or the group.
• Keep time for the group and if you notice that the group is spending a lot of time on peripheral issues, you can remind the group by saying "looks to me that we have spent a lot of time on issues without getting to the core…can we identify the main issue?" or something similar.