How to prepare for an Observation Test?

Introduction to Observation Test
The National Institute of Design (NID) organises a half day workshop at Ahemdabad post the declaration of the results of the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) which includes tests like observation test, doodling test and material handling. This stage is called the Studio Test (Phase 2). The Observation Test assesses the presence of mind of an individual as well as one’s senses and visualization. In this article, we are going to learn the strategy to be employed to tackle the observation test.
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NID conducts studio of 3 hours duration and will comprise three different studio tests of 100 marks each. The observation test is an integral part of phase 2 of NID Studio Test. In an observation test, a candidate watches a video or listens to an audio for a short duration (say a minute or two) and then has to answer questions based on that. So, this is an audio/visual test.
Observation Test Tips
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Time management is the key to maximise your attempt.
  • Start preparing your portfolio soon after DAT is over.
  • Portfolio should contain works which are relevant to your work of interest eg. Industrial design.
  • Add some other design works which prove and strengthen your skills (eg. Few logos, poster design, or some other kind of creative art).
  • These works can be shown to seniors and alumni of
Observation Sample Item Scenario:
It is Leslie's first day as part of the wait staff at the popular Town Diner restaurant. Akira is showing Leslie what he will need to watch for during the lunch rush. As Akira and Leslie move through the section assigned to Leslie, the camera follows them and zooms in to focus on the object of the discussion. Akira points out to Leslie that the following items must be on each table and that each container should be at least half full: ketchup, special sauce, salt, pepper, and napkins. If any of these supplies begin to run low, Leslie will need to bring a replacement container from the storeroom. Akira explains that tables need to be cleared as quickly as possible after customers leave so that waiting customers can be seated as promptly as possible.
[Brief video clip of clean table with condiments and napkins on it. Ketchup bottle is 3/4 full, special sauce is full to the top, napkin holder is full, and pepper is 3/4 full.]
What should Leslie do next?
A. Wash the table in preparation for the next customer
B. Replace the ketchup bottle
C. Replace the napkin holder
D. Add a salt shaker
Reason for being a level 3 item:
  • The demonstrated task includes few components.
  • Attention is directed to important details, the camera signifies on the components as they are being described.
  • No distracting information is presented.
  • Instructions are clear and straightforward.
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Observation test is a test of your observation, concentration and presence of mind. The test, being an integral part of NID, assesses an individual’s attention to minute details, concentration, analytical skills, reasoning skills and memory.
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