Studio Test- Solved Example

Studio Test
Studio phase is a test which is designed to evaluate the candidate in person under certain specific conditions. This is also known as Design Aptitude Test (DAT). The following are the key requirements for this test:
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1) Level of creativity in a particular situation
2) Quality of execution and
3) Understanding of problem
Basically, the use of your skills, creativity, understanding and sensitivity are simultaneously pitted against time. Therefore, one should practice similar kind of assignments at home, with a time limit of 10-20 mins. You can use feedback from friends and family to help you judge your work.
Skills required for the test
For Studio test, your visualisation skills and sketching skills would come handy. If you are very nervous about it, then two things can help: sketching and browsing through some inspirational books or website or magazine.
Studio test at various institutes tests the ability of students to work with various materials. A student is expected to think of intelligent design solutions to a given problem. They can evaluate and come up with an innovative design solution and express the idea by manipulating the materials.
What to expect in the test?
What kind of questions can you encounter in this test? You could be asked about material understanding like clay, metal, etc. You could be asked to balance 3 bricks at height of 150 mm on a 2 mm thin, 10 mm wide, 400 mm long strip of steel and make several things out of clay.
Elements of Studio Test
Materials used in such a test are Clay-Terracotta, Plaster of Paris, Paper, Wire, etc. Doodling can also be used to add creativity in terms of visualization and representation. Also, in 3-D model making materials such as clay, wire, string, different kinds of paper, thermacol, cloth, etc. are given to participants with time limit varying from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
NID Previous Year Studio Test
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NID Studio Test
Q1. Doodle Exercise - 12 boxes were given (4 on each sheet)In given boxes completes the lines and make whatever you feel. You can turn the box in any side. Give your drawing a title.
Q2. Design a Playful Toy (NO USE OF ADHESIVE) with the following materials:
  1. Colored OHP sheet - 2
  2. Ping Pong balls – 3
  3. Bamboo Sticks – 12
  4. Wool – 1m
  5. Bangles – a set of 6
(Write about your model)
Q3. Make an object using the following material:
  1. Clay
  2. Hacksaw blade
  3. Water
  4. Sponge
The object should be appropriate for the given setting.
{An image is given of a corporate house building with a desk, a chair, a laptop and a background)
 Q4. Audio Visual Test
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Visual Test: Images were shown of some objects such as fan broom shoe lace and identify them.
Images were shown and the texture had to be identified such as wire gauge, wall and soil.
Audio Test: Sound clippings were played and we had to identify them such as clapping of hands, dropping of coin, machines, etc.
Audio clippings were played and the source had to be identified such as wolf shouting on a full moon night, elephants, etc.
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