Techniques for Material handling and 3D model making

Techniques for Material Handling and 3D Model Making
The candidates have to appear for studio test after they have been selected in the NID written exam. This test plays an important role in the final selection. Studio test II includes material building and 3D model making. It involves making of 3D models using given materials such as clay, wire, string, different kinds of paper, thermacol, cloth, etc. according to the situation. The candidate can be asked to make an object with clay with or without watching it. This process of making best out of waste, like wire armatures, clay models and thermocol forms is followed by material manipulation tasks.
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The candidate is judged on the basis of aesthetic appeal, creative and clever manipulation of given materials and proper theme. The candidate should think for a few minutes and then draw a rough sketch of his/her idea. The candidate is supposed to carry a pair of scissors, paper cutter, sharpened pencils, compass, fevicol with nosel, quick fix, blue/black ball point pen, sand paper etc.
Sample Question: Design a model to depict Energy.
Material Given: Balloon, Themacol, Butter Paper, Jute String, Glaze Paper and Hard Board.
Practice question:
Design a Playful Toy (NO USE OF ADHESIVE) with the following materials:
a) Colored OHP sheet - 2
b) Ping Pong balls – 3
c) Bamboo Sticks – 12
d) Wool – 1m
e) Bangles – a set of 6
(Write about your model)
Tips for 3D Model Making
  • Think creatively and innovatively to a large extent. This is because motivation creates excitement and enthusiasm to make good models.
  • One should take first step. This helps the candidate to decide what to make and what kind of creativity he can display in short period of time.
  • Collect more and more study material on designs and model making. Acquire information from teachers and experts on various topics prior to the test.
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  • Practice to increase your speed and accuracy. Learn to coordinate with time and situation. If you are serious about model making, prove it.
  • Work on paper graphing in groups to test and motivate oneself. Practice more group study only if it is productive and planned properly.
To conclude, one can make 3D models using the right approach. A good 3D model provides impetus to candidate’s selection process, and improves image in front of panel. This step is just a measure of how efficiently one can use the given material in particular time period.
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