Interview Question Bank : Chemical Engineering

Top Chemical Engineering Questions for MBA Interviews
  • What is the difference between unit operation and unit process?
  • What is valency?
  • What do you understand by Wet Bulb Globe Temperature?
  • What are the methods involved in helium leak testing in a vacuum system?
  • What are the factors involved in considering the choice of dry screw compressor?
  • What are the factors involved in designing kettle type reboilers?
  • What are the reasons of removal of particles from effluent gas?
  • What are the assumptions made for Kynch Theory?
  • Explain the Deacon Reaction?
  • What are the steps involved in Wine making?
  • Why is post weld heat treatment sometimes necessary for welded vessels?
  • What chemical is used to expand air bags in such a short amount of time?
  • What is the Import Procurement Cycle?
  • Is there any method of preventing cracking of carbon steel welds in refining environments?
  • What is the meaning of Flaring?
  • What is Cement Kiln?
  • Rate of homogeneous reaction is dependent on what factors?
  • What does a space time of three hours for a flow reactor mean?
  • As the rate of reaction proceeds, how does it change?
  • A space velocity of 5/hour means?
  • Give an example of an auto thermal reactor.
  • The fluid property, due to which, mercury does not wet the glass is?
  • For a given bulk solid, how can the particle size distribution be determined?
  • What is the procedure to estimate the friction factor involved in heat exchanger tubes?
  • What are the assumptions made in conservation equation?
  • What are the different characteristics that can affect the flow of bulk solids and how?
  • What are the design considerations for a piping system for the transfer of slurries?
  • What significance does the angle of repose hold in the chemical industry?
  • Explain various protein purification techniques?
  • How does FOULING affect the heat transfer rate?
  • What can cause bulk solids to stop flowing from a bin?
  • What is the symbol of sodium?
  • What are the various utilities of the process plant?
  • What is an additive?
  • What is the best way to configure a bypass line in slurry services?
  • What chemical is used to expand air bags in a short amount of time?
  • What is a common failure mechanism for above ground atmospheric storage tanks?
  • What is a good source of information for the design of pressure vessels?
  • What is the speed of a rotary drier?
  • What is load and what are the types of load?
  • How can we measure entropy?
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