BirlaSoft Interview Questions

Excerpts from Interview #1:
(A B.E. CSE student having 10th grade - 92.4%, 12th grade - 86%, Graduation score - 65.4%)
Technical Interview:
  • What do you mean by operator overloading?
  • State three differences between Dbms and Rdbms?
  • What is the difference between ddl,dml and dcl commands?
  • State what is encapsulation and friend function?
  • What is the difference between function overloading and over riding?
HR Interview:
  • Introduce yourself?
  • Can strength be a weakness?
  • Why birlasoft?
  • What are your expectations from the company?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
Excerpts from Interview #2:
(An engg student having 10th grade- 78.9% 12th grade-71.08% and graduation score-67.9%)
Technical interview:
  • Explain the term inheritance.
  • State differences between C and Java?
  • What is database normalization?
  • Tell me something about your Training Project.
HR Interview:
  • What is your dream job?
  • What is the most difficult situation that you have ever faced in life?
  • Why BirlaSoft?
Excerpts from Interview #3:
(An engg student having 10th grade- 90% 12th grade-81.2% and graduation score-74.9%)
Technical interview:
  • What are the different layers in Open System Interconnection network layer model?
  • What are the different functions of each of the layer in TCP/IP model? What are the protocols associated with each layer?
  • What is your favourite subject? What do you like about it the most?
HR Interview:
  • Mention any three good or bad qualities that your friends would tell us about you. How accurate do you think they are in their observations? (If Yes or No, please explain why.)
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
Excerpts from Interview #4:
(Punjab University student having 10th grade- 76.23% 12th grade - 89.2% and graduation score- 72.43%)
Technical interview:
  • Tell us about any technical projects that you have undertaken in the past 3 years?
  • Why did you chose this specific project?
  • Which language did you choose for your particular project?
  • Was it a group project or an individual project? What was your role in the team?
HR Interview:
  • You may have to work on different technologies and in different place. Are you ready to relocate?
  • What are your future plans? Do you wish to go for an MBA program immediately after the completion of degree?
  • Tell me about instances when you displayed leadership qualities at your college?
  • What is your ambition in life?
Excerpts from Interview #5:
(CCET student having 10th grade- 94.6% 12th grade - 85.7% and graduation score- 67.22%)
Technical interview:
  • Explain the term Cloud computing?
  • What are features of cloud?
  • What is public and private cloud?
  • What is HADOOP? Can you describe the underlying principle of HADOOP and cite some of its features like MapReduce?
HR Interview:
  • You attended the pre-placement talk, tell us few negative points about the presentation and how should we improvise for the next time?
  • How to you define your goals in life? Do believe in making plans and strategies for the future or believe in grabbing opportunities as they come?
  • You have to attend your meeting related to your work but you also have to complete work for your client, how will you manage in this situation?
Excerpts from Interview #6:
(PEC student having 10th grade- 91.3% 12th grade - 87.2% and graduation score- 65.4%)
Technical interview:
  • What is the difference between primary and foreign key?
  • What are macros in Excel? Explain how to we use them?
  • Explain your summer training project.
  • What is an empty class? What functionality does it offer in Java?
HR Interview:
  • Tell us about your highs and lows in these 4 years of college life.
  • We have undergoing projects all over India, is it feasible for you as an employee if your job profile requires frequent travelling or relocation to a place away from your current residence?
  • Logical or Choice Based Questions: You have a cake. How would you divide it into 8 pieces using only 3 lines?
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