100 Essay Topics for 2024

Below is a list of expected topics for Essay based on the topics that were covered during admissions last year. Take a look at these topics and try to read about the latest events in the world and make sure you have relevant information to support your statement during the Essay writing round in the admission process this year.
We have mentioned below a list of expected topics from different genres that were asked in Essay Writing held during previous year’s MBA admissions. We have updated this list and current topics based on events around the world have been added so make sure you are acquainted with all major happenings in the world.
  1. Government’s Vision of Amrit Kaal
  2. Central Bank Digital Currency by RBI
  3. How important is flow of money for the economy?
  4. Need of the Hour is to Maximize Possibilities of Agriculture in India
  5. 50 Crore Jan Dhan Accounts: Giant leap towards financial inclusion
  6. Privatization in Defence Manufacturing
  7. RBI’s strategies to tackle inflation in Economy
  8. Non-Performing Assets and their impact on economy
  9. India to be the world’s third largest economy
  10. Global Recession and shapes of Economy
  11. India becoming a leader in Renewable Energy
  12. Is a 70-Hour Work Week Healthy?
  13. Crypto-currency and issues related to it
  14. Growing trends of Privatisation
  15. Fugitive Economic Offenders and the need to bring them back
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  1. Higher Education versus skill acquisition
  2. Entrance exams versus Qualifying exams - what is the relevance of entrance exams for admissions to UG and PG courses in India?
  3. Online schooling, can it be the future of education?
  4. New Education Policy: A Progressive Policy with Diverse Challenges
  5. Skills or knowledge: What matters more in today’s world?
  1. Biodiversity Conservation– Our Solutions are in Nature
  2. Hyper-globalism is threat to human prosperity
  3. Net Zero Carbon Emission
  4. Shifting of Earth's Geo-Magnetic field and its impact
  5. Money Laundering and Illegal Wildlife trade
  6. Ban on plastic: Environment vs. Economy
  7. Seed Bombs: Solution to Man-Animal Conflict
  8. Growing Pollution in Rivers
  9. Organic Farming in India
  10. Merger of Project Tiger and Project Elephant: Pros and Cons
  1. Growing Intolerance in the world
  2. Goodwill is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy
  3. Role of kindness in an utterly competitive world
  1. Is defection becoming the new norm in Indian politics?
  2. New India @75
  3. Supreme Court Judgment on Jammu and Kashmir
  4. Pro poor policies of Modi Government
  5. Controversies surrounding the Present-day NDA government in India
  6. Supreme Court Judgment on Demonetisation
  7. India China border issues – Where is it headed?
  8. Too much Democracy is Detrimental to Development
  9. India needs aggressive and pragmatic neighborhood policy
  10. Today India Needs ‘Harmony in Diversity’, Not Unity in Diversity
  11. Atmanirbhar Bharat
  12. India and SDGs
  13. India’s Neighbourhood Policy
  14. India’s Participation in Central Asian Region
  15. India’s claim to UNSC permanent membership
  16. Presidential vs Parliamentary form of government: which one India should go for?
  17. India’s deepening malnutrition
  18. India as the World’s fifth largest economy
  19. One nation one election
  20. Falling parliamentary morals in India
  21. Is the era of coalitions over?
  22. GST growth indicates India’s growth
  23. Compatibility of the Contempt of Court with International Standards
    1. Russia-Ukraine War and its impact on geopolitics
    2. India: From SAARC to BIMSTEC
    3. Israel-Hamas Conflict and Operation Ajay
    4. Has UNSC become redundant?
    5. 10 years of One Belt One Road (OBOR) Policy and India's Counter
    6. Democracy in its neighbourhood is in India’s interest
    7. Importance of regional trade blocs like NAFTA, RCEP etc.
    8. G20 New Delhi Summit
    9. SCO and its evolution
    10. Rising Chinese hegemony in Indo-Pacific and implications for India
    11. Climate Diplomacy and COP 28
    12. NASA’s Artemis Program
    13. IMEEEC and its prospects
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    1. A smooth sea never makes a good sailor
    2. Hour work week
    3. Light at the end of the tunnel is not an illusion, the tunnel is.
    4. Is humanity enough to handle crises and serve people in need?
    5. Is being vegetarian the way to go for the world?
    6. Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination.
    7. Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.
    8. War is the ultimate Price we pay for lasting Peace
    9. Artificial Intelligence is Not All Evil – It can Promote Social Good Too
    10. Our World is in a Surplus of Multilateral Challenges and a Deficit of Solutions.
    11. The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal
    1. Does India need more missiles or more industries?
    2. Genetically Modified Crops
    3. National Infrastructure Pipeline
    4. How will the FASTag project help in improving the logistics and transport sector?
    SOCIAL ISSUES (Society, Gender, Caste)
    1. Lack of civic sense among Indians is pushing the country backwards
    2. Feminism
    3. Media’s duty is to inform public, not manufacture opinion
    4. Urban exclusion of migrant workers in India is a reality and needs urgent robust policy measures.
    5. Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition
    6. Economic Growth and Development are shaped by the societies in which they operate.
    7. Social media is the fourth pillar of democracy
    8. How does a leader impact the destiny of his country?
    9. The Cry of Transgenders
    10. Caste Census: Equity or casteism?
    11. One Nation, One Ration Card
    12. Legalizing Betting in India
    13. The ‘Dunki’ route to illegal migration
    14. Elderly Population in India
    15. Transparent Taxation- honoring the honest platform
    16. Sub-categorisation of castes in India
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