Essay/ WAT topics of 2018-19

Over 150 Important Essay/ WAT Topics from 2018-19
Factual Essay/ WAT Topics
  1. One nation one election (IIFT Delhi)
  2. Electric vehicles: Pollution v/s Jobs (IIFT Delhi)
  3. Jobless growth in India: Reason for a brewing social unrest (IIFT Delhi)
  4. Big Data: Is it a threat to mankind? (IIT Delhi)
  5. Future of crypto-currency in India (IIT Delhi)
  6. Sustainable Development in India (IIT Delhi)
  7. Is farm loan waiver a solution to farmer distress? Explain the situation in light of recent election manifesto. (IIM-B)
  8. In a developing country like India, how can development be balanced with environmental protection? (IIMB)
  9. Traditional way of learning (rote learning and memorization) v/s modern way of learning (Activity based) and their merits. (IIM-B)
  10. India is going to be the most populous country in the world. In your opinion, what would be the effects on agriculture and clothing? (IIM-B)
  11. According to a McKinsey report, India's middle class is growing rapidly with 29% in 2015 to 44% in 2025. Discuss its implications on the economy and society. (IIM-B)
  12. Media and advertising have promoted zero figure of young models. This has a negative impact on the health of young girls. What ways would you suggest to tackle this problem? (IIM-B)
  13. Film Censorship (IIM-C)
  14. India has more public holidays as compared to other countries. How does this effect India as a developing nation? (IIM-C)
  15. Tourism is harmful in ecologically sensitive areas. How? Suggest remedies with respect to hill stations. (IIM-C)
  16. What will be the impact of mobile phones becoming all pervasive? (IIM-C)
  17. Should State intervene in the following of traditions by the people? Give your analysis of the situation. (IIM-I)
  18. Nuclear weapon testing is considered to be dangerous. It is a deterrent for war. (IIM-I)
  19. Is India ready for smart cities? (IIM-I)
  20. Liquor Ban: Effect on Economy (IIM-I)
  21. In India, the development of new and expensive mode of transportation such as bullet train should be put on hold till the existing systems of public transport are improved. Your view? (IIM-I)
  22. Challenges faced by youngsters because of social media. (IIM-I)
  23. Artificial Intelligence is taking over jobs. What are your views on this? Give examples. (IIM-I)
  24. Indian education system focuses only on academic excellence not social, emotional and psychological development. (IIM-I)
  25. India’s demography – dividend or liability? (IIM-K)
  26. Should #Metoo be used in all marginalized sections of the society? (IIM-K)
  27. Age old practice of farming should not be held responsible for Delhi's choking air problem (IIM-K)
  28. India’s demography – dividend or liability? (IIM-K)
  29. Like the USA, the legislature and executive in India should be allowed to make nominations for Indian SC judges. (IIM-K)
  30. India will be better off by using paper ballot system in elections. (IIM-L)
  31. Increasing consumerism is the fallout of e-commerce. (IIM-L)
  32. Artificial Intelligence-The future or just a buzz? (IIM-L)
  33. Social Media is leading to rise in loneliness. (IIM-L)
  34. Fossil fuels v/s green energy: affordability factor (IIT- Kharagpur)
  35. Free Trade (IIT- Kharagpur)
  36. Online education v/s Classroom education (IIT- Kharagpur)
  37. Is Disruptive Innovation sustainable in the long run? (IIT- Kharagpur)
  38. Should training in paramilitary forces for 2 years be made compulsory for all citizens? (IIT- Kharagpur)
  39. How social media has given a boost to #MeToo movement? (IIT-Bombay)
  40. Impact of Facebook on the society. How to use it in a positive way?(IIT-Bombay)
  41. Should CSR activities be made compulsory for companies? (New IIMs-CAP)
  42. Have the successive governments been successful in bringing the non salaried taxpayers under tax net. If not, what can be done about it? (New IIMs-CAP)
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  44. Are uniform civil code and citizenship bill two sides of the same coin? (New IIMs-CAP)
  45. Why do you think women feel unsafe in India at night? Suggest a course of action. (New IIMs-CAP)
  46. 10% reservation for EWS good or bad? (New IIMs-CAP)
  47. How would public transport help in easing the traffic congestion in cities? Why have the government and civic bodies not done enough in the area? (New IIMs-CAP)
  48. Critically evaluate whether the interim budget is beneficial for small farmers or not. (New IIMs-CAP)
  49. Social media: invasion of privacy (IMI Delhi)
  50. Pollution crises in Metro cities (IMI Delhi)
  51. Rise of intolerance in India (IMI Delhi)
  52. Attitude of foreign Investors for India in 2019 (IMI Delhi)
  53. Bitcoin: Fad or Rise (IMI Delhi)
  54. Social media is inherently a selfish medium (IMI Delhi)
  55. Education system in India. Does it need to change? (IMI Delhi)
  56. Environment v/s development (IMI Delhi)
  57. 2019 elections are coalition based and not agenda based. (IMI Delhi)
  58. Ayushman Bharat (MDI)
  59. Sabarimala - a progressive step or threat to religion (MDI)
  60. One India, One election: pros and cons (MDI)
  61. Government has decided to give yearly 6000 to farmers in this new budget. Good or just a political gimmick? (MDI)
  62. Coalition Government: Is it a threat to the citizens of the country? (MDI)
  63. Role of women in society (MDI)
  64. Should agricultural subsidies be stopped? (MDI)
  65. Is climate change real? Express your views. (SP JAIN)
  66. Is #MeToo movement a passing fad? (SP JAIN)
  67. Digital India (IFMR)
  68. Cashless Economy (SIIB Pune)
  69. Pollution (SIIB Pune)
  70. Digital India (XIMB)
  71. India should cut diplomatic ties with Pakistan. (XIMB)
  72. To increase gender quality in society, there must be women quota for MBA programmes. (XLRI)
  73. Importance of GST in growth of India's economy (BIMTECH)
  74. Is USA only using India as a counter for China? (BIMTECH)
  75. Social media- a boon or bane? (BIMTECH)
  76. Skilled Workforce in India (BIMTECH)
  77. Cashless Economy (BIMTECH)
  78. Online Education v/s Classroom Education (BIMTECH)
  79. Presidential v/s parliamentary form of democracy (FORE)
  80. As a nation, are we prepared to handle natural calamities? (GIM)
  81. How will research help in management education? (GIM)
  82. E-commerce is tempting customers to buy unneeded things. (GIM)
  83. Is India ready for electric vehicles? (Great Lakes)
  84. Automation is killing jobs. (Great Lakes)
  85. How do crude oil prices impact Indian currency? (Great Lakes)
  86. Health insurance has a huge scope in India (Great Lakes)
  87. Globalisation (LBS)
  88. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (NIRMA)
  89. Increasing vehicular pollution (NIRMA)
  90. Are organizations ready for LGTBQI inclusion in workforce? (TAPMI)
  91. Age of humanoids: How do they affect us? (TAPMI)
  92. Loss of values in schools (TAPMI)
  93. Is depreciating rupee a good sign? (TAPMI)
  94. Should medical tourism be banned in India to curb illegal organ trading? (TAPMI)
  95. Tobacco: should it be banned or not? (TAPMI)
  96. Education system in India (TISS)
  97. Working class in India: Issues and Challenges (TISS)
  98. Investment in higher education (TISS)
  99. Building industry-academia partnership for the growth of knowledge economy (TISS)
  100. Labour laws: Issues, challenges and their solutions in India (TISS)
  101. Gender inequality (TISS)
  102. Role of Media (TISS)
  103. What is Forest Rights Act? Why has it been in news recently? (TISS)
  104. Describe different sociological approaches to religion and their impacts on development. (TISS)
  105. Critically examine the benefits, impacts and cons of Corporate Social Responsibility. (TISS)
  106. Inter-caste marriage (TISS)
  107. Skill development (TISS)
  108. Is Mars mission justified in a developing country like India? (Welingkar)
  109. Is bureaucracy a hindrance to the economic reforms in India? (Welingkar)
  110. Impact of social media on society (Welingkar)
  111. What is ailing Indian banking system? (Welingkar)
  112. Aadhar Card: Is it helpful or not? (Welingkar)
  113. Sittwe Port (XIME)
  114. Kaladan operation (XIME)
  115. Digital India - still a dream (XIME)

Abstract Essay/ WAT Topics
  1. Failures- stepping stones or stumbling blocks? (IIFT Delhi)
  2. How does poetry help managers to improve their communication skills? (IIT Madras)
  3. Multimedia platforms provide scope for different types of expressions. Is this a positive trend? Are there any inherent dangers? What is your view? (IIM-C)
  4. According to some, if people are allowed raise their voice against the accepted norms it leads to chaos and then some believe that the freedom to speak your opinion brings out a cohesive environment. What is your stance? (IIM-I)
  5. Gender diversity is outdated (IIM-I)
  6. It is often seen that if you ban a certain activity, you are increasing the likelihood of that activity being carried out underground. The same argument is being debated to legalize marijuana in Universities. Do you agree or disagree? (IIM-I)
  7. Our obsession with growth/capitalism is slowly leading us towards extinction. (IIM-K)
  8. Threat to secularism is overrated. (IIM-K)
  9. When it comes to business, greed is good. (IIM-K)
  10. Fitness should be a compulsory criterion for admission into MBA (IIM-L)
  11. Nature v/s Nurture - Just simply going green won’t help (IIT- Kharagpur)
  12. Youngsters posting everything on social media. What are your views on it? (New IIMs-CAP)
  13. Opinion on Honour Killing (New IIMs-CAP)
  14. Romantic movies are increasing unrealistic hopes in youth. (New IIMs-CAP)
  15. Not only should justice be done, it should also be seen as done. (New IIMs-CAP)
  16. #MeToo Movement (New IIMs-CAP)
  17. Discrimination on basis of sexual orientation. (New IIMs-CAP)
  18. Need bring greed. If greed increases, it spoils the breed. (IMI Delhi)
  19. Rising nationalism across countries (IMI Delhi)
  20. Spending time is more important than spending money on children (MDI)
  21. E-Learning can substitute classroom learning. (MDI)
  22. A man walking in a street with a briefcase for the first 36-37 seconds and in the last 2-3 seconds, he suddenly changes into fishnet stockings, puts on a wig and walks away. (SIIB Pune)
  23. There were a group of dogs in the classroom and there was a lady instructor who was trying to teach them. She was blindfolded afterwards and was walking with one of those dogs by holding it with a string. The dog could not stop where it was supposed to and kept walking resulting in the lady tripping over the hurdle. This happened several times till the dog was shown a wall consisting of several pictures of awards and trophies given to dogs. After that the dog learnt to stop at the right place resulting in the lady being happy. (SIBM Pune)
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  25. Whether philosophy should be introduced to a child or not? (SCMHRD)
  26. Sometimes, English is a very confusing language. (SCMHRD)
  27. Efficient Manager v/s Effective Manager (SIBM Pune)
  28. If salary is not a factor and your living expenses are covered, what would you do for living and how would you spend your time? (SIOM)
  29. Describe one of the opportunities in your life that you let go. And do you regret it? (SIOM)
  30. All that glitters is not gold. (SITM)
  31. Should participation of children be banned from reality TV shows? (SITM)
  32. How would you prioritize your tasks when you have a lot of workload? Give examples. (SP JAIN)
  33. Who is better, a person with breadth of knowledge or depth of knowledge? (SP JAIN)
  34. Good marks is not a reflection of high IQ. (XIMB)
  35. There are no facts, but only opinions. (XIMB)
  36. Is technical education necessary to enter into the management field? (XIMB)
  37. Smart cities aren't smart. For or against? (XIMB)
  38. Online learning is a good substitute for classroom learning. (XIMB)
  39. Should people from military be given reservation in business schools? (XLRI)
  40. Abortion should be banned. Even a mother has no right to kill her child. (XLRI)
  41. Celebrities set a bad example for the young generation when they flaunt their romantic relationships openly (XLRI)
  42. Made in India - only a slogan? (FORE)
  43. A dot (GIM)
  44. A ship is the safest on the harbor but this is not what a ship is made for. (GIM)
  45. World without AI (Artificial Intelligence) (GIM)
  46. Silicon Valley entrepreneurship is elitist and cannot work in India. What are your views? (Great Lakes)
  47. One Nation, One Election (LBS)
  48. Journalists make mockery of the ‘freedom of speech’ (LBS)
  49. Advertising campaign should be truthful or not? (TAPMI)
  50. Achieving digital India by 2025 (TAPMI)
  51. Sustainability and Marketing: Are they compatible? (Welingkar)
  52. Is city road for pedestrians, vehicles or squatters/ hawkers? (Welingkar)
  53. Women are better managers than men (XIME)
  54. What is your view on B-schools admitting those only with work experience? (XIME)
  55. Corruption is something which keeps the economy running. It is impossible to eradicate it. (XIME)
  56. CSR should be decided by corporate itself or not? (XIME)
Analytical Writing Test (AWT) – IIMA
This kind of essay topics feature in AWT conducted by IIM-A. The following list features one excerpt each from passages given to candidates.
  1. Development in metro cities is resulting in broken families and making people insensitive toward one another. (IIMA)      
  2. School uniform should not be made compulsory as school cannot decide what to wear? Also, it restricts the individual thinking so at first place uniforms in school should be removed. (IIMA)
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