Autobiographical Essay

In this style of writing the Writer enjoys the privilege of narrating one’s own story. It is written in the first person. Though it is a narration of an event which was self-lived by the writer, it is not a complete book of autobiography. Therefore, it talks about a particular fact of the writer’s life. As it is a miniature of an aspect of one’s own life, hence it becomes a must for the writer to invest his emotions in the article. It falls under the non-fiction category in writing.
Meticulously select two-three personal endeavors on which you wish to write The decision of picking out the topic should be motivated by, how the episode shaped you? The effect of its happening should show and not tell by the words in the body of your article. A vital aspect of an autobiographical essay is not to start self-editing it initially rather wait till you compose the entire thing. It will give you an unambiguous idea of what you would want to retain from the stack of words.
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A point to remember while putting down an autobiographical essay is that everybody appearing in the exam will be writing it. Do not try to build a fiction interlinked with an active vocabulary. Instead put together an actual incidence from your own life. Reveal an occurrence which had a lesson for you. Always make sure to put in the picture, how you felt after going through the situation. Build the story well and keep it focused on the main idea. For example –while talking about your trip to Zaskar range, do not start talking about your cat.
Important points to remember while writing an autobiographical essay
  1. Select a real life incidence
    Make a list of a few exciting happening in your life. Put down instances which left a mark and gave you a lesson to improve. The topic should convince you. First, the reader will be impressed automatically. The article should capture the reader’s attention in the first paragraph. Though, an article but it should come across as a story to the reader. The beginning should be the high beam of the essay in pitch dark.

  1. Keep the flow uninterrupted
    It is important to not deviate from the topic. The story should become stronger and more relevant in the following articles. The emotions should be shown and the lesson taken from the incidence should be shared with the readers. Keep the piece warm by infusing necessary details in it. It is advisable to keep the article simple and straightforward. The readers should be able to make the images and pictures in the background as they read through the material.
  2. A positive conclusion
    The best way to close your article will be on a positive note. Conclude your essay by once again mentioning a phrase or two from the beginning. Include how you felt while going through the situation.
    A neutral vocabulary is the best way to put your thoughts across while writing in this style. Flexing your brain muscles in such articles will confuse the reader. Avoid making up a situation to catch attention. Fluffing the theme will not help. A conversational form of language should be avoided.
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