100 Most Important Essay Topics for 2020

Important Essay Topics 2020
  1. Alternatives to traditional wheat and paddy cultivation
  2. How can e-technology help farmers come out of distress?
  3. Crop Insurance and farmer distress
  4. The New White Revolution in India
  5. Changing dynamics of consumerism
  6. Impact of e-commerce on businesses
  7. Jugaad mentality - opportunity or threat to India?
  8. Startup Ecosystem in India
  9. Issues involved in transiting to a cashless economy
  10. Rising socio-economic inequality  - causes and implications
  11. Impact of Industrial Corridors on economy and society
  12. What is stopping India from becoming a superpower
  13. Reduction in Corporate Tax rates
  14. India's economic slowdown - Causes and consequences
  15. India’s exit from RCEP with ASEAN
  16. Nobel Prize in Economics 2019
  17. Application of Behavioural Economics in India
  18. Rising popularity of gig economy
  19. Formalisation of workforce - a case study of Uber and Ola
  20. Should government bailout banks?
  21. The lasting impact of demonetization
  22. Impact of Flipkart takeover by Walmart
  23. Issues and opportunities in Indian Pharma Sector
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  1. Subsidies in Higher Education
  2. "All learning has an emotional base" - Plato
  3. A person who does not read has no advantage over one cannot read.
  4. Employee engagement over employee experience
  5. What is better for women - work-from-home or a 9to5 job?
  6. Workplace safety and work-to-home safety of women is responsibility of the employer.
  7. A good boss hires good talent and gives autonomy than be a boss.
  8. Automation drives new skill shifts towards 'more human skills'
  9. Keeping up with the data eruption
  10. Feeding a culture transformation
  11. India and PISA 2021
  12. Religious prayers in schools
  13. Reservation for Economically Weaker Section (EWS)
  14. Philip Kotler's contribution to the management world
  15. Managing stress in workplaces
  16. Gender neutralising corporate sector
  17. Problem of 'too many' with MBA graduates
  18. Reducing working hours can improve productivity

  1. Australian Bushfire – Climate Change
  2. Zero-Budget Natural Farming – scope in India
  3. Water crisis in India – Deficit in abundance or vice-versa?
  4. Global environmental cooperation in doldrums
  5. One World One Sun One Grid
  6. Stubble burning is age old but choking Delhi air is new. Why?
  7. Recycle, Reuse or Replace Plastics?
  1. Moral strength is a greater but rarer virtue
  2. "A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business." - Henry Ford
  3. Corporate ethics should travel top-down.
  4. Non-performance is also corruption
  5. Should employees share losses of a failing organisation?
  6. Languishing medical ethics
  7. Crony Capitalism in India
  1. Government versus RBI Autonomy
  2. DIGITAL PAYMENTS - Issues and Opportunities in India
  3. Using experimental methods for evidence-based policy making
  4. Re-evaluating Federalism in India
  5. How to hold political parties accountable in India?
  6. Naga Peace Talks
  7. Crime in India
  8. Who is a citizen?
  9. Electoral Bonds - Issues and Benefits
  10. Role of news channels in shaping Indian psychology
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  1. Trade protectionist policies and their impact on India
  2. Can India achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
  3. Rising Indo-USA relations in the growing multi polar world
  4. The Crisis in Hong Kong: What to Know
  5. Death of Baghdadi and Its global implications
  6. Relevance of BRICS in the changing global order
  7. Oil Diplomacy in 2020
  1. Idealism versus Materialism
  2. Sense of entitlement
  3. Is legal moral and moral legal?
  4. Are the rich really rich?
  5. Love what you do till you do what you love.
  1. The New Consumer - Help me faster, Know me better, Wow me everywhere
  2. Chernobyl
  3. New regulatory regime for internet giants
  4. Cloud Computing - threats due to disruption
  5. WhatsApp Snooping
  6. Data Localisation in India
  7. Access to Internet
  8. MANAV: Human Atlas Initiative.
  9. Application of Nanotechnology
  10. Antimicrobial resistance - threats and prevention
SOCIAL ISSUES (Society, Gender, Caste)
  1. India’s changing demography over the next 20 years
  2. Even after 7 years since the Nirbhaya case, women are not safe in India
  3. Criminalising marital rape
  4. Women in cricket
  5. Ayodhya case - victory of faith over facts?
  6. Human Rights in Jammu & Kashmir
  7. No shame in showing tears, it's ok for men to cry: Sachin Tendulkar
  8. Social world to social media - Impact on the millennial generation
  9. The growing menace of Drug abuse in India
  10. Triple Talaq
  11. Changing stereotypes about beauty
  12. Lifestyle changes and associated diseases
  13. Capital punishment for crime against women
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