Case Writing: List of Topics for 2020

Case Writing forms an essential stage of selection process in many B-schools. Here, we have compiled a list of case writing topics you may come across in the upcoming admission process. Also, some of the case writing topics have featured in the admissions of past two years.
Case Writing Topics 2020
Average Word Limit: 50-200 words
Average Duration: 15-45 minutes
  1. A university is facing problems as the students are downloading videos and doing illegal downloads from restricted websites, in the turn making the connectivity very slow and the college is receiving complaints also. Prepare a policy for that.
  2. A company announces to leave US and move headquarters to Dubai. Government disparages this move. Reason assumed behind this decision is tax evasion. Claims made that company should show social responsibility towards government and brave men and women of the country. The move is considered greedy. Give your opinion on the move.
  3. You have to bolster your English speaking skills. Two courses are offered for study tour to USA. Organization X is a residential program with a bit of travelling to understand the local culture. In Organization Y, Everything is same, but in extracurricular hours, they take you out for sightseeing at historical sites too. Organization Y is 10% more expensive. Which one will you choose and why?
  4. Describe any situation where you had to fill in for someone, and your learning from it.
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  6. There is a pharmaceutical company which is doing great (especially for AIDS) and has a profit rate of 28%. The latest CEO has done great in past one year and taken some good decisions like acquiring smaller firms to keep this firm the market leader. But the firm is facing some issues like an Indian Company has made a generic version of its medicines. Also, the firm is facing a backlash because it filed a case of South Africa's government due to IPR Reasons. Also, the firm is criticized for not focusing on African regions, which face the most number of problems due to AIDS. The General Meeting of shareholders is in some days. How should the CEO tackle all these issues in the meeting?
  7. Case of a software company, wherein a person's team used finance department's workstations to meet the deadline of a Rs. 1500 million project. Because of this, finance department will not be able to transfer salaries, it being the last day of the month. The company has never before delayed salary. What should the general manager do?
  8. Privatization of Healthcare: Boon or Bane
  9. Details about the four famous captains of the Indian Cricket Team - Kapil Dev, Sourav Ganguly, M.S Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Look at the data and decide on who the best Indian cricket team captain was.
  10. A scenario in which a certain detergent brand named Rose & Rose, is doing well in urban areas but is interested in capturing the rural market since it is growing at a much faster rate than the urban market in certain areas. Discuss the strategies and steps that the brand could take.
  11. The telecom industry in India has witnessed a massive restructuring since the entrance of Reliance Jio. Due to the price crash, many players in the industry either ceased to exist or merged with another big player. What are the implications of such a market shift on different stakeholders?
  12. A big data company has come up with a model that links the number of flu searches on its search engine to the number of people suffering from it. The parameters chosen by it are location from where searched and timing of searches. Give 3 assumptions that strengthen their model and arguments that weaken its plausibility.
  13. Can the world economy rely on India for growth? Discuss with facts and examples.

  1. I saw my father retire after 35 years of service from the same company. This reflects the loyalty and dedication of an employee towards his/her employer. However, in present day, job burnout is widely seen. Employees should be loyal to their company and value their current jobs. (Author's view).  What assumptions has the author made in putting up his argument? What further evidence would strengthen his argument? What factors can weaken the author's argument? Write a coherent analysis of the argument.
  2. The youth today do not go for high paying jobs and instead opt to become entrepreneurs. Discuss what is different in them, why they do so and what can we learn from them.
  3. An antiques collector has a very important artifact which is believed to be have brought good luck to a tribe in the Amazon. But there is no scientific proof. If you are the collector, would you give the artifact back to the tribe?
  4. Social media has helped in making our world more democratic. It helps politicians reach out to the people. Even people looking to gain traction in politics can share their views and build up popularity helping them enter the political circle. Social media also helps to reach out to people to gather funds. Forums like Facebook and WhatsApp helps people communicate between themselves. Hence, social media can only lead to a harmonious future.
    1. What are the claims made here?
    2. What is the reasoning provided here?
    3. Is the reasoning strong or weak? Give reasons.
  5. Technology impacts the way how children think and feel. They tend to think superficially and lose creativity. The ones who spend too much time online tend to lose focus. So they should be kept away from technology till they are 12 years old. Take stand for or against it and explain.
    1. Identify the author’s claim(s). What is the reasoning behind them?
    2. Is the reasoning strong or weak? Justify your stand.
  6. “IITians are offered subsidy for their education and it is taxpayers’ money. They end up taking management jobs and hence it is a wasteful expenditure on them”. Write the claim of the author, whether you agree or not and why?
  7. The #MeToo campaign has been quite an exaggerated one. It is ruining the foundations of our society and worsening the current situation regarding trust on men. These allegations on men, who were respected in the society otherwise, could be disregarded until these numbers become sensational. Explain the author’s reasoning and whether you agreed to it or not?
  8. People say that money is not important for happiness, but I believe money can buy you things like trips abroad and other things that will make you happy. Also, those who say that money is not important are in fact consoling themselves for their inability to earn more. Concepts such as job satisfaction are pointless, because if you earn enough doing something that you don’t like to do, you can retire early and enjoy your post-retirement life with that money. Therefore, money is very important for happiness in life.
    1. What is/are the main arguments made by the author?
    2. Do you agree with those arguments? Justify your opinions.
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  10. The Kannada Development Authority recently protested against the conducting of a Staff Selection Commission recruitment exam in Karnataka and Kerala to fill the posts of clerks, assistants and data entry operators as the exam was conducted only in English and Hindi. The KDA felt that it would put the local aspirants at a disadvantage as they wouldn't be able to attempt it in their mother tongue. SSC countered by saying that the jobs being central government based, would be subject to transfer to other states, where they would be at a disadvantage. The conducting of a language test before moving to other states is not feasible. Hence candidates should know Hindi to attempt the test.
    1. What is the claim?
    2. What is the reasoning provided?
    3. Is the reasoning strong or weak? Why?
  11. How would you sell a new product online: Explain your strategies, tools and techniques?
  12. Students Autonomy: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  13. Student-centered vs. Teacher-centered Approach.
  14. Discuss the pros and cons of E-learning with facts and examples.
  15. Discuss ways to establish a balance between life and work.
  16. Ramesh has been working with ABC Co. Ltd. for the last five years and has been rated as one of the efficient workers on the job. One day he is caught with a small value stolen item while leaving the duty. The management is in a predicament. What should it do?
  17. In a company A, a woman is facing some problem as she is the only working member in her home. She takes frequent leaves and is quite insincere in her work. She is not able to deliver quality in her work. Her husband is idle and does not support her and asks her to continue her job. She does kitchen work, takes care of her kids and also works in the office. You are the manager of this company, so how will you solve her problem. 
  18. You are the Chief Minister, heading a coalition Government, when some kind of widespread agitation breaks out in the state and badly affects the law and order situation. Your coalition partner supports the agitation and therefore, wants you to agree to the demands of the agitators. How will you handle the situation?
  19. Discuss (with examples) some of the business ethics applied by Google.
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