GD & Essay Topics

Given below is a sorted list of topics for group discussions as well as Essay Writing/WAT conducted by B-schools.
Social issues
  • Lifestyle diseases: A new Burden for India
  • Antibiotic resistance: An age of Superbugs
  • Universal health insurance: A Solution or a problem itself
Gender topics
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  • #metoo movement: Is it elitist or a movement of masses
  • Gender gap at workplace in India.
  • Declining Women labour Participation rate in India: Economic problem or Social
  • Sexual Harassment at workplace: Fetters in Economic Empowerment of women
  • Commercial Vs Altruistic Surrogacy.
  • Decriminalizing Homosexuality: a case of modernism vs Traditionalism
  • Decriminalizing Adultery: Bringing Equality in Marriage or ruining it all together
  • Triple talaq verdict: Good or a bad decision
  • Sabrimala Verdict: Right to religion Vs right to equality
  • Privatization of Higher education: A positive step or a regressive one.
  • Disparites of education in India
  • Government schools Vs Convent schools: A divide
Human resource
  • Demographic dividend: An opportunity or a liability
  • Jobless growth in India: reason for a brewing social unrest
Caste topics
  • Caste in 21st century India: Vanishing or strengthening?
  • Caste dynamics in politics of India: Is it Good or bad for democracy
  • Loan wavers : A temporary solution to a permanent problem
  • Genetically modified crops: the Future or Fallacy
  • Crop insurance and crop assurance : need of the hour for India
  • Rising inequality: A myth or reality
  • Universal basic income: Can it be a reality
  • Financial inclusion: Still a long and distant dream of India.
  • The Good and The Bad of GST in Indian Economy
  • Ease of Doing business in India: a dream or reality

  • Institutional Autonomy : Need of the hour in India
  • Criminalization of politics in India: A Malaise in the largest democracy of the world
  • Paid news and Fake media: A myth or reality
  • Simultanuous elections in India: Pros and Cons
  • NOTA in Indian Elections: A toothless tool or an Instrument of dissent
  • International Trade wars: A peril for Globalization
  • “America First Policy”: Good or bad for World Geopolitics
  • UNSC reforms: Is it really required or just a gimmick of developing countries
  • Cross border terrorism: A new age threat to world peace and stability
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  • Security scenario in India: After 10 years of 26/11
  • India’s Space program: A boon or Bane
  • Gravitational waves: A Giant leap forward in understanding Universe
  • Bharat Vs India: Is the Gap really closing?
  • Renewable energy: Way to future
  • Global climate change: Act in Present to save the Future
  • Refugee Crises around the world: People without home
  • Social Media: A two edged sword
  • Poverty is worst form of violence: M.K Gandhi
  • Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
  • Finding life in space and killing lives on earth
  • Era of Wars: Are they really over
  • “New Women” in India: A myth or reality
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