UPES Dehradun

The process of selection at UPES, Dehradun consists of Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview.
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Group Discussion
Average Duration: 15 minutes
Participants: 10
  1. Should caste based reservation be removed from India?
  2. Dress code in college – Right or Wrong?
  3. The importance of ethics in workplace
  4. Cheerleaders in IPL should be banned or not?
  5. Indian Business Families form the backbone of Indian Economy
  6. Dependence on Technology
Feedback-Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-25 minutes
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Excerpts from Interview 1: Tell us about yourself. Which course are you interested in and why? What is a diode? Tell us something about electronics. What is the difference between CSE and ECE? Comment on the policies of the Finance ministry of India. How many states are there in our country? Where will you be if you move 600 km east of Delhi? Explain 7 sisters of the east. Who is the men’s number 1 player in the field of lawn tennis? Do you know about the general rules of this sport?
  • Excerpts from Interview 2: What are your future aspirations in this field? What do you think of this year’s rail budget? Tell us about your favorite sport. Who is your favorite player in this game? What are some of the recent trends regarding the petroleum sector? What is debit and credit? Define depreciation.
  • Excerpts from Interview 3: Why UPES? What do you think about recent technology in the petroleum sector? What do you think about Rahul Gandhi as a prime ministerial candidate? How do you deal with hypocrites around you? What is the future of energy sector? Which other institutes you have applied for? How can you contribute to this field?
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  • Excerpts from Interview 4: Tell us about yourself. Why did you choose this field? What do you consider your greatest success and failure? Which is the latest book you read? Name some other books by this author. How will you contribute to this campus if you are selected? Who is your role model?
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