SSE Pune

The process of selection at SSE, Pune consists of essay writing/WAT and Personal Interview.
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Feedback-Personal Interview
Average Duration: 30-40 minutes
No. of Panelists: 3-4
  • Excerpts from Interview 1: Tell us about yourself. What are your interests? Why did you chose economics? Tell us about your extra-curricular activities? What do you know about economics? What are your strengths and weaknesses? How will you classify your skills?
  • Excerpts from Interview 2: Family background? Give 2 weaknesses and strengths? What is the difference between sales and marketing? What are the subsidies for BPCL? What do you think how was your GD? Why SSE? Why do you want to pursue this course? Is congestion tax really helpful for removing congestion? Explain a musical band who has successfully established career? 
  • Excerpts from Interview 3: Tell us about yourself. To which Indian state do you belong? Name the states with which it shares its boundaries. Why there is a drop between your class X and class XII marks? How do you see yourself after 5 years? What will be your focus area if given the  state managerial position? Tell something about extra curricular activities/hobbies?
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  • Excerpts from Interview 4: What are your hobbies? Tell about the depth of Indian Music? Why there is no Indian rockstar famous worldwide? Tell something about your career aspirations? Tell about few challenges in villages? Is Maoist stand for their improvement? What are your career goals? What , in your opinion, is good governance?
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