How to Improve your Presentation Skills

If you are planning to secure admission in the Christ University, you will have to appear for a micro presentation as a part of the selection process. Even some other colleges may ask for a small presentation as a part of the selection process.
The panel will try to test you on a lot of competencies when you give a presentation. Some of them will be your confidence, communication skills, presence of mind, knowledge, organizing and planning,
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Professional style, presenting information etc.
The following points will help you in acing your Presentation:
  • Prepare your content well
The most important part of your presentation is the content that you put in your presentation. You need to understand what the panel wants from you, and then very carefully filter out the content that will go into your slides.
  • Finalize the key pointers
Whenever you make a presentation, it is important for you to identify the main points that you will focus on while giving the presentation. Add these points to your slides and then elaborate and build on them while you talk during the presentation.
  • Pay attention to formatting details
While making a presentation, it is also important to focus on the aesthetics of your presentation. The templates, fonts, images you use will determine how professional your presentation looks. The overall look of your presentation should be completely professional.
  • Practice presenting before you go
It is important for you to practice making as well as presenting a presentation before your final presentation before the panel. This helps you organize your thoughts, build confidence and also improve your presentation skills.
  • Keep track of time
Many of us have a tendency to spend more time on the initial slides and then hurry up during the later part of the presentation. It does not speak well for your time management. It is not only important for you to pay attention to the overall time limit but also to see that each slide/part of the presentation is allocated its own time. This will talk volumes about your time management skills.
  • Try to keep the presentation interactive
You can always try and invite inputs and queries from the panel. It speaks volumes about your confidence and generates a two-way communication between you and the panel. This makes the presentation more interesting to follow for the panel. This also generates interest from their side. Trying to get responses and opinions from them will tell you what they feel about your work as well.
  • Start and end on a strong note
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It is important for you to make a strong opening and closing as well. Starting well initially works wonders in generating curiosity and interest from the panel’s side in your presentation. Ending on a strong note leaves them with a strong impression of your personality. It shows them that you are confident about yourself and are good at execution as well.
  • You can use examples
Citing examples of the points you make in your presentation validates your knowledge. It will not only male you feel confident about what you present, but also add weight to the points you have tried to make.
These tips will help you in making as well as giving a good presentation. For any further queries, feel free to post in our comments section
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