Grooming: Do’s and Don’ts

‘First impression is the last impression’: this old adage becomes all the more relevant in an interview setting. The way a person dresses up for the interview gives an indication of his suitability for the job. Selection of wrong attire can be a  turn off for the interviewers and may result in you losing the hard earned opportunity. To avoid such a scenario, let us gain a few insights for dressing up for an interview 
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  • The attire should be according to the environment and work culture.
  • Dress up should be appropriate and comfortable.
  • Clothes need not to be expensive but should be clean and well-ironed.
Interview is an important part of the selection process.  Even before you get a chance to showcase your skills, you have already been judged on the basis of your appearance and clothing.  Both the male and the female candidates need to ensure that they dress up suitably for the occasion.
Attire for male candidates at an interview:
  • A two piece matched suit is the  safest choice.
  • Colours chosen may be black, navy blue and dark grey.
  • If the suit is unaffordable, a light coloured full sleeves shirt may be paired with dark trousers.
  • Either a blazer or  a full sleeve sweater may  be worn as part of the formal attire.
  • A plain tie  goes with a suit or a shirt.
  • Wear a dark coloured belt  and avoid any shiny accessories.
  • Dark coloured  socks  of mid-calf length should be worn so that the skin is  not  visible while sitting.
  • Black or brown coloured formal shoes may be worn .
  • Avoid casual or sports shoes
  • Do not try a new look before an interview. Hair cut may  be taken a week prior to the interview. .
  • Male candidates should  wear a formal watch, if affordable.
Attire for female candidates at an interview:
  • Female candidates should dress up according to the culture and environment of the organisation. Choose trousers paired with shirts with a formal blazer or a sweater.The female candidates may also opt for a saree or a suit.
  • A dark-coloured trouser may  be paired with a light coloured formal shirt.
  • The suit or the saree chosen should be simple without  much embroidery or other work.
  • Make-up should be little with light color lipstick or nail colors. The nails should be clean and well groomed. The interviewee should have her hair neatly tied up.
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  • Dark coloured formal shoes should be paired with trousers.
  • Wear  flat or lightly heeled chappals  with saree or salwar kameez.
  • High heels are a big no.
  • The purse chosen should be simple and small. Don’t carry a flashy  purse. Black and brown colours should be preferred.
Make sure you are comfortable and confident in what you wear as that confidence is likely to reflect in the interview. With these aspects adhered to, you take care of one of the most important components of an interview – THE FIRST IMPRESSION. Now you can shift your attention to the conversation part of the interview.  GOODLUCK!!!
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