Ashoka University

Candidates are shortlisted for admissions on the basis of their SAT/ACT/Class 12th board scores. Generally, the selection process consists of three stages: personal interview, on-the-spot essay and an optional Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT).
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Feedback-Personal Interview
Average Duration: 30-40 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2-3
Excerpts from Interview 1: Tell us about yourself. Why Ashoka University? Can you tell me something about your hometown?  Your major choice was Journalism, so who is your favourite journalist? Are you aware of the latest happenings in the field of journalism? Which is your favourite book? What do you think you are best at?
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Excerpts from Interview 2: Introduce yourself. How did you get to know about Memory Sports? How will it help you at Ashoka University? What do you know about Eidetic Memory? Your major subject was Mathematics, so what are your favourite topics in Mathematics? (Questions asked based on Calculus, Combinatorics and probability)
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