100 Most Important GD Topics for 2020

Important GD Topics 2020
Economy and Agriculture
  1. 5 Trillion Indian Economy
  2. Trust deficit is hampering the economy
  3. Auto sector slum – causes and impact
  4. Will consolidation in Banking Sector address the NPA issue?
  5. Is Indian telecom industry moving towards duopoly?
  6. What led the start-up boom in India? What is its future?
  7. Stagnation in rural economy of India and its impact
  8. Circular Economy – need and constraints.
  9. Is India nearing a Middle Income Trap? How can it be avoided?
  10. Fourth Industrial Revolution
  11. Golden jubilee of Bank Nationalisation in India
  12. Extradition treaty and the NPA menace
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  14. Oil politics to data politics
  15. Female workforce in agriculture
  16. Doubling  farmer’s income
  17. Agriculture and environmental pollution
  18. Do our bank account deposits need insurance?
  19. Modicare: economical or not?
  20. Does Indian industry need protection or competition to grow?
  21. Shift from 'consuming' to 'sharing & pooling'
  22. How does change in the Budget cycle impact the Indian economy?
  23. Bank recapitalisation: pros and cons for the Indian economy
Education and Human Resources
  1. Innovation versus modified imitation
  2. Migration, displacement and education
  3. Changing demands of a ‘Knowledge economy’
  4. Issues with skill development in India
  5. Demand of local job quotas in states
  6. Importance of upskilling in the corporate sector
  7. Chasing deadlines kills creativity
  8. Rising cult of creative entrepreneurship on social media
  9. Leaders deserve respect, not command respect
  10. Smartphones: both enablers and disablers of education
  11. Draft New Education Policy & Three Language Formula
Environment related
  1. Is climate change for real?
  2. Reducing food loss and wastage
  3. What if 7 billion people in the world start believing in the change an individual could make?
  4. Role of the new-gen in environmental awareness
  5. Ban on single-use plastics
  6. Impact of USA's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Deal
  7. Change in flood management to tackle frequent floods
Ethical Issues
  1. Human Rights Courts
  2. Is freedom a myth?
  3. Accountability versus independence
  4. ‘Paid news’ – a crack in the pillars of democracy
  5. Ethical concerns surrounding cloning and designer babies
  6. Celebrities don't consume what they sell in advertisements
  7. Ethical dilemmas cause slippery slopes
  8. The time is always right to do what is right.
Indian Political Affairs
  1. Removal of Article 370 and 35A– Story of Jammu & Kashmir's integration and disintegration
  2. Criminalization of Politics
  3. Loss of public confidence in Indian Judiciary
  4. Role of social media in elections
  5. Education as an eligibility criteria in elections
  6. How successful has the Swachh Bharat Mission been?
  7. Should political advertising on social media be regulated?
  8. How to sustain India's open-defecation free status
International Affairs
  1. Relevance of WTO in the face of regional trade agreements
  2. US – China Trade War and its impact on India
  3. Rising arena of Indo-Pacific affairs
  4. India’s Nuclear No First Use Policy
  5. Changing paradigm of India-Pakistan relationship
  6. Demystifying the potential of South Asian trade
  7. China's One Country Two System Approach
Philosophical/ Abstract
  1. What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
  2. The day you are born or the day you find out why.
  3. Friends, Enemy or Frenemies?
  4. Black, White or Grey
  5. Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people.
  6. You don't need to have everything figured out before starting.
  7. Everyone must be quick to listen, slow to speak, slower to anger.
  8. Zero to One
  9. A world without borders
  10. The hungry have no morals
  11. The Pink briefcase
  12. Red or Red
  13. Gold attracts gold
  14. Reality versus Knowledge
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Science and Technology
  1. Need to explore an alternate world 
  2. Implications of gene editing and gene modification
  3. Big Data – future of tomorrow
  4. Are space missions economically beneficial for India?
  5. Why is space debris a concern?
  6. Is India ready for 5G technology?
  7. Blockchain technology: boon or bane?
  8. Social Media and e-Commerce: Implications for data privacy
  9. Cryptocurrency - opportunity or threat?
  10. Data democratization: “Data of the people, by the people, for the people”
Social Issues (Society, Gender, Caste)
  1. Low female work force participation
  2. Is an anti-lynching law in India, the need of the hour?
  3. Fake news issue in India
  4. Financing monument construction – a taxpayer’s duty?
  5. Role of the new ‘Social Media Influencers’
  6. Impact of changing family structures on women
  7. Hegemonic patriarchy in religion
  8. Causes and prevention of juvenile delinquency
  9. Decriminalisation of homosexuality
  10. Is it time India moves towards a two-child norm?
  11. Career counselling should start early on in schools
  12. Gender equality versus gender equity
  13. Article 15
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