100 Most Important GD Topics for 2022

GD Topics for MBA Exam
Social Issues
  1. Should anonymity be allowed on the internet?
  2. Do deadlines destroy creativity?
  3. Work from home – Pros & Cons
  4. PM Gareeb Kalyan Anna Yojana – Impact on Indian poor
  5. Lessons for the world from COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Is Technology making us less human?
  7. Marital rape – Should it be criminalised?
  8. Impact of ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives
  9. In absence of stringent laws Nirbhayas will be repeated.
  10. Khap Panchayats are not tenable in the modern society.
  11. Have we become a cynical society?
  12. Communalism and its impact on social cohesion
  13. If Winning isn’t everything, why do they Keep the Score?
  14. NOTA is the emerging priority of the citizens. Is it right to continue it?
  15. Is India leading in competitive backwardness?
  16. COVID: Is veganism the answer?
  17. Are we becoming too sensitive a society?
  18. Law against religious conversion: Does it hamper freedom of matrimonial choice?
Gender Topics
19.Gender Equality in the workplace
20. Higher Education in India
21. Which one is more important – Creativity or Knowledge?
22. Should ‘Group Discussion’ be compulsory in the hiring process?
23. E-learning – Pros & Challenges
24. How to create more jobs in rural areas?
25. Farm Bills 2020 – Pros, Cons & Challenges
26.What ails agriculture sector in India?
27. Relevance of MSP system in agriculture in modern times
28. Capitalism is a very Flawed System but the others are so much worse
29. Public Sector being a Guarantor of Job Security is a Myth
30. Government Pumping Money into the Economy is not the Solution for our Economic Problems
31. Freebies before elections – Good or bad for economy?
32. Industrial Revolution 4.0
33. How to revive Indian economy?
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34. Controversy as a marketing strategy
35. Cryptocurrency – pros and cons. Should it be legalised in India?
36. Circular economy is the key to sustainable development
37. Markets are found not created
38. Is the Budgeting Exercise of any Use?
39. Physical infrastructure is the answer to social equality. Do you agree?
40. Problem of NPAs: Is Bad Bank the ultimate solution?
41. 30 years of economic reforms: Did India miss the bus in the 70s?
42. A developed economy is not where the poorest owns a car, it is where the richest uses public transportation.
43. Is defection the new norm in Indian politics?
44. National Health ID – Pros, Cons & Challenges
45. Should political parties be brought under RTI Act?
46. Impact of Crony capitalism on India.
47. Temples of political leaders – Is it rational?
48. Is India ready for 5G?
49. One Rank One Pension – Advantages and Disadvantages
50. Online Education: Boon or bane?
51. Atmanirbhar Bharat and Deglobalization: Are we going back in time?
52. Population is the biggest problem of India
53. Right to Privacy as fundamental right. Should it be absolute?
54. India @ 75. Right time for Uniform Civil Code?
55. 50% reservation for women in panchayats: Will it ensure women empowerment?
56. India as a soft power in 21st Century
57. Private sector in defence manufacturing: Challenges to national security
58. A rising China is an expansionist China – Do you agree?
59. AUKUS and the Indo-Pacific
60. Should India engage with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan post US withdrawal?
61. ‘New Quad’ is an awkward alliance. Do you agree?
62. CoP 26 and the Glasgow Declaration: Did India and China fail the world?
63. Joe Biden and the prospects of India-US relations
64. Is 21st Century the Asian Century?
65. Is QUAD the answer to rising China?
66.Breakdown of Iran Nuclear Deal and its impact on rules-based global order
67. Efficient but corrupt vs honest but inefficient?
Science and Technology
68.Pervasive technology is creating a generation of cyber zombies
69.Data Localization – Benefits & Challenges
70. Green Jobs are essential for sustainable development
71. Disaster Management in India
72. Is Climate Change for real?
73. Wildlife Corridors: Luxury or need?
74. India is the only country among the G-20 on course to achieve Climate targets (INDCs) under the Paris Pact 2015. Challenges and leadership.
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75. Private trains in India – Benefits & Challenges
76. Is Disinvestment used as backdoor privatization?
77. Should India host the Olympic games?
78.Electric vehicles in India
79. Placement scenario in India
80. Role of ethics in business
81. Knowledge based economy is important to achieve the economic boom of India.
82. Should Fintech firms and Banks be collaborated?
83. Fixed pay vs Variable pay
84. Innovation vs Invention – What is more important?
85. Is India nearing a Middle-Income Trap? How can it be avoided?
86. Has Reliance jio changed the telecom sector of India?
87. Bridging the digital divide in India. Can PM-WANI be a game changer?
88. Is Stock Market similar to gambling?
89. Is consumerism and materialism getting the better of us?
90. India’s medal count in international sports events is increasing. Individual effort or state support?
91.Has reservation policy failed to address social inequities in India?
92.Should cannabis be legalized in India?
93. Should sex work be legalized in India?
94.Humans on Mars: Shouldn’t we focus on Earth first?
95.The third world war will be fought over the computers
96. Censorship for OTT platforms
97. Artificial boost of testosterone in female athletes : Is it ethical?
98.‘Problems without passports’ require ‘Solutions without passports’
99. Judicial reforms and their need in India
100. Should same-sex marriage be legalised?
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