Social Media Group Discussion Topics

Group Discussions form a crucial part of the selection process during admissions of MBA colleges. From an aspirant’s perspective, it is helpful to sensitize yourself with various topics that can be asked in group discussions. Over the last few years, the advent of social media has made it a crucial part of discussions – and topics related to social media have begun to feature in business school group discussions.
Here’s a list of vital topics pertaining to social media that can be asked in Group Discussions of MBA colleges.
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  • Social Media – It’s importance in today’s world
  • Impact of social media in the success of businesses
  • Social media and cyber bullying are linked to each other
  • Is allowing student’s access to social media in school a good idea?
  • Social media is turning into an addiction – True or false?
  • The implementation of parental advisory on all of the social networks
  • Positive impact of social media during calamities or disasters
  • Brands use celebrities to endorse products on social media to improve sales. Does this mislead people or clients that buy or sell products?
  • Do ethical considerations get lost when a person makes a social media account?
  • People are becoming less social because of social media – agree or disagree?
  • Should teen kids be given access to social media networks?
  • Minimum age for creating an account in these sites – what should it be?
  • Is social media alienating our society?
  • Life was better before social networking was invented – Agree or disagree?
  • Which is the best social network?
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  • What is better - one that allows you to interact with unknown people or the one that allows for more anonymity?
  • Social networking causing lapse in concentration – Agree or disagree
  • Importance of social connection for today’s generation
  • Appropriate etiquettes when using social network – What should they be?
  • Scanning social media profiles of prospective employers – is it justified?
  • With social networks, nothing is a secret anymore?
  • Social networking in making people more and more shallow
  • Should people share their private videos on social media?
  • Social networks have made a mockery of private life – agree or disagree?
  • Watchdogs on a person’s social activity – is it justified?
  • Protesting over social networks is fruitless. Do you agree?
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