GD Topics of major MBA colleges (2016-17 season)

Group Discussions are an integral part of the screening process of various major MBA colleges. It allows the panelists to ascertain a candidate’s communication abilities, team-work skills, knowledge etc. In this article, we give you a list of GD topics that were asked by leading MBA colleges during the 2016-17 admission season. It also includes other important topics that will give you a taste of what topics might feature in the upcoming 2017-18 MBA admission season.
International & National Current Affairs:
  1. Should Pakistani artists be thrown out of India? (GIM, GOA)
  2. Is Europe becoming Islamophobic?
  3. Is world ready for third world war? (XLRI)
  4. Cashless economy: Is India ready (ICFAI)
  5. How will Goods and Service Tax help the economy? (IIT, Delhi)
Shiv Nadar University
  1. Media is responsible for the increasing atrocities against women
  2. How big a threat is China? (IRMA)
  3. Triple talak system violates the constitutional rights of women and should be banned (FORE, Delhi)
  4. Carbon Trading – Environment or economics
  5. Should India host Olympics 2020? (IIT, Roorkie)
  6. As most of the countries are moving towards conservative policies, is the era of globalization over? (FORE, Delhi)
  7. PSUs are white elephants?
  8. Growth without inclusion – A threat to democracy?
  9. Merits and Demerits of cashless economy (IIT, Delhi)
  10. Role of IT strategy and political strategy elections. (FORE, Delhi)
  11. Corruption can neither be eliminated nor be mitigated in India
  12. Do we really need Smart Cities? (NITIE)
  13. North East States: Forgotten states of India?
  14. Was Ratan Tata right in removing Cyrus Mistri as chairman of Tata group? (XIME)
  15. Is the Indian Growth rate helping rich and poor?
  16. Are services like OLA and Uber taking the share of autowalas
  17. Is military spending justified when millions of poor starve?
  18. Developing countries need more trade than aid (IMT, Ghaziabad)
  19. Is India’s defense force prone to corruption?
  20. Is India Ready For Ecommerce
  21. Will mobile banking replace branch banking and internet banking?
  22. India needs more implementers than Planners
  23. Is bureaucracy a hindrance in the finance reforms in India? 
  24. Reaping India's demographic dividend
  25. Social security in India (IRMA)
  26. National Rural Employment scheme is good for the country
Socio-Political & Socio-cultural:
  1. Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective Advertising? (GIM, Goa)
  2. Should NH be made toll free (Loyola, Chennai)
  3. Gambling/betting should be legalized in India
  4. Right to Education: Success or Failure? (IRMA)
  5. Do brands rule our lives? (Welingkar, Mumbai)
  6. Indian television – Where is it leading?
  7. Should public sector be privatized? (NITIE)
  8. Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools? (NITIE)
  9. Should politicians be given Padma Awards?
  10. Education system is providing degrees not skills. (IIT, Roorkie)
  11. Reservation based on economic background (XLRI)
  12. Rural placements of doctors should be compulsory or voluntary? (XIM, Bhubaneshwar)
  13. Has the definition of heroes changed? How about heroes in India?
  14. Implications of Muslim ban (ICFAI)
  15. School children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones or not?
  16. Examination in our education system should be overhauled (XIME)
  17. Internet censorship (KJ Somaiya, Mumbai)
  18. Should capital punishment be abolished?
  19. Free water vs free oxygen (Loyola, Chennai)
  20. Prison terms: How can criminals be reformed
  21. Posthumous organ donation should be made compulsory. (FORE, Delhi)
  22. Should Gambling be legalized? (Welingkar, Mumbai)
  23. Rising Fundamentalism In India
  24. Dowry system in India is curtailed only in law and not practically
  25. Women in Indian politics – empowerment or tokenism
  26. 5 years of service in rural India should be made compulsory post-MBA (XLRI)
  27. Is the duty of the opposition party only to oppose?
  28. Do films create a social evil?
  29. Whistle Blowers are disloyal agents
  30. Do celebrities have more freedom of speech than a common man?
  31. Social entrepreneurship is an oxymoron (XLRI)
  32. Bureaucrats should not be allowed to join political parties after retirement
  33. Do uniforms smother individuality?
  34. MNCs vs Indian Companies (ICFAI)
Abstract/Creative Topics:
  1. To be or not to be?
  2. War and Peace
  3. Zero
  4. Men and women are born unequal for a reason. Inequality isn't such a bad thing. (LBSIM)
  5. Life is all about taking chances. (LBSIM)
  6. Execution is more important than strategy. . (LBSIM)
  7. Knowledge without character is dangerous (Loyola, Chennai)
  8. Smart work v/s Hard work
  9. Justice is never given; it has to be extracted every time (XLRI)
  10. If you have last opportunity to have a possession than what will you prefer- Diamond or a dog?
  11. My generation vs. my parents generation (Great Lakes, Chennai)
  12. There is always a tomorrow
  13. Borderless world – a myth/reality?
  14. Every Cloud has a silver lining (BIMTECH, Delhi)
  15. Gross national happiness?
  16. Good things come from good thinking
  17. 2 + 2
  18. Every cloud has a silver lining
  19. The wheel is turning round and round
  20. Mad...
  21. What do, what not to do?
  22. There is no right way to do a wrong thing
  23. Jack of all trades is better
  24. What cannot be measured cannot be managed
  25. Life is full of cactus, but you don't have to sit on it
  26. Unipolar world
  27. Ethics and values are utopian words
  28. Success is a journey, not a destination
  29. Magic Wand
  30. Insanity is essential
  31. What’s there in a name?
  32. Life is full of cactus, but you don't have to sit on it
  33. Be patient with friends and enemies
  34. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong, everybody has a different opinion
Management Topics:
  1. Should higher earning employees not get legal protection? (XLRI)
  2. Is management art or science? (BIMTECH)
  3. Management Graduates seek money and not knowledge
  4. Alcohol is affecting the corporate sector / company
  5. Management skills taught in class can never match those gained by experience (IMT, Ghaziabad)
  6. Relevance of family run business (BIMTECH)
  7. You are going to conduct cultural fest of your college and there were incidents of legal violation and indecent behavior last year. So discuss what measures will you take this year?
  8. Are B-schools hyped than reality? (XIME)
  9. You are a senior official of Election Commission and elections are due in 6 months. What actions will you take for the smooth elections?
  10. You are an influential member of Indian Business Confederation. What measures should be taken to improve trade relations with a country like Pakistan?
  11. Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from experience
  12. MBA is becoming common. So how can we mix it with technology?
  13. Are IIMs highly overrated?
  14. A team member is affected with HIV. Other team members act indifferently towards him. What will you do as the team manager?
  15. Modern management education is a perfect example of old wine in new bottles
  16. Should organizations hire for attitude and train for skills
  17. Quitting a secure job for an MBA –isn’t it stupid?
  18. Do small companies have more harmony?
  19. Is management art or science?
  20. Ethics in Business are just a passing fashion?
  21. Should GD/PI be a part of selection process in management schools?
  22. MBA schools produce managers and not leaders?
  23. Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional?
  24. Is management art or science?
  25. Very few women are at Top Management in Companies, your views. Reasons and suggestions
  26. Rising costs of MBA – Is MBA only for the rich now?
  27. Is the CAT percentage a real reflection of a student’s ability?
  28. Business ethics is no more required. Yes or No
  29. MBA Colleges have become placement oriented
  30. Politicians should be asked to go to business school
  31. B-School, an impediment or booster to entrepreneurship
  32. Are women better managers than men?
  33. Work experience is a prerequisite for MBA education
  34. Package shouldn't be the sole criteria while deciding a job
  35. Leaders are born, not made
  36. Work experience is a prerequisite for MBA education
Other Topics: Business, Economy, Education, Sports & Science
  1. ODI cricket is not a cricket (Loyola, Chennai)
  2. Consumerism and prosperity cannot go hand in hand
  3. Privatization of higher education
  4. Cricket matches with DRS technology - Pros & Cons (NITIE)
  5. Is inclusive development a myth in India?
  6. Stock market is nothing but a gambling den
  7. Entrepreneurship for the poor. Is it a choice or force on them?
  8. A  free hand to Ivy League colleges is the best way to shake up higher education in India
  9. Corporate Social responsibility – meaningful or misleading concept
  10. Should highly paid employees enjoy protection under labor laws?
  11. Environmental concerns should take the highest priority in people’s minds
  12. Online shopping- a boon or a bane?
  13. Professional leagues are doing more harm to Indian sports than gains
  14. Should Government intervention in Indian education system be allowed?
  15. Government school dropouts – how to stop?
  16. Medical research on animals should be banned
  17. Is nuclear power good for increasing power demands?
  18. Computers dehumanizing society
  19. E-commerce will increase pollution
  20. Should military training be made compulsory for all? 
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