Management GD Topics for MBA

GD topics for MBA admissions are commonly based on different parts of management and corporate world. Here, we have listed down the popular management-related group discussion topics for MBA/PGDM aspirants.
What happens in a GD?
Group Discussion is basically a 20-25 minute round, during which a group of 8-12 students talk over a given topic. Before giving a start to the GD, the participants have 1-3 minutes to prepare, after which the discussion continues for 10-15 minutes, ending with 2-3 minutes of the conclusion round. The panellists or moderators may or may not be present, and may intervene if the discussion becomes chaotic.
GD topics include areas of social issues, latest business/economic developments, abstract themes, and current affairs.
Importance of Management-based GD Topics
Group Discussion (GD) is one of the essential rounds of the MBA admissions process. It determines your prospects of being accepted into the B-school of your choice. Through the GD round, the admission panel evaluates the candidate's suitability for management education and career. It gives a glimpse into the personality and outlook of the candidate and their performance in a group setting - all the aspects required for managerial jobs. So, most of the reputed institutes, including both IIMs and non-IIMs, give weightage to the group discussion round.
Top 50 Management-Related Topics
  • Are women better managers than men?
  • Is it rat race to do MBA?
  • Advertisements- helpful to customers or just eye wash
  • Is blackboard learning superior to managerial experience?
  • Does Corporate World promote Entrepreneurship?
  • B-schools fit square nuts into round holes.
  • How professional are the professional companies today?
  • Advertising is all glitter and no substance.
  • MBAs do not make good business leaders.
  • Consumer is never satisfied.
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  • Outsourcing: Boon or Bane?
  • Is management art or science?
  • Is management degree essential to be a manager?
  • Consumer is the king in today's market.
  • Can MBA result in good managers?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is hypocrisy
  • In most corporates, ethics is for show, corruption is for real.
  • Management Graduates seek money and not knowledge
  • Are morality and Business Opposites?
  • Women CEO are no better than their Male counterparts
  • Is management an art or a science?
  • Will stringent laws prevent cases like Satyam?
  • Business ethics in today's market and future.
  • Rural management is the real management.
  • The only business of business is business.
  • Leaders are born, not made.
  • Business and Ethics don't go together.
  • Quitting a secure job for an MBA -isn't it stupid?
  • Unethical practices lead to success in business.
  • MBA: Is it for learning or only for placements?
  • Prioritize a list of definitions on Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Should MBA be a substitute for work experience?
  • Privatization will lead to Less Corruption
  • Business ethics over money
  • Credibility of B Schools ranking.
  • Should the hostels of B-schools be segregated in terms of gender?
  • Is the current MBA curriculum serving the needs of the Industry?
  • Should recruiters favor MBAs over non MBAs?
  • Do women in the 21st century still face a lot of barriers to rise to senior management positions?
  • Commitment is more important than other skills in a company
  • Should MBA colleges stop placements all together and Encourage Entrepreneurship?
  • Five people go on a strike in an organization, should they be thrown out?
  • Should there be time constraint for scientists working in a company?
  • Management lessons cannot be taken in classroom.
  • He who can, do. He who cannot, does an MBA
  • Is M.B.A. necessary to be a good manager and a better business leader?
  • The Salaries that the MBAs get is more than what they deserve
  • India needs more job creators than job seekers.
  • Indian Administration should recruit from MBA colleges.
  • Relevance of family run business
FAQs about MBA GD Topics
1. What are the questions asked in GD for MBA?
No questions are asked in a group discussion round. You are just required to state your opinion about the given topic. However, you may be cross-questioned about the same in the interview round.
2. How can I speak in GD?
During the GD round, you will will have to express your views in a turn-wise manner, or you will have to find the right opportunity to speak up. Nevertheless, if you are unable to speak during the discussion round, you can prepare a good summary to speak at the end. In most GD rounds, panellists ask the participants to summarise the discussion one-by-one at the end.
3. What are group discussion skills?
Group discussion round assesses a range of skills, including communication abilities, managerial acumen, leadership qualities, teamwork capabilities, and knowledge of the candidates.
4. How do you start a discussion?
There is more than one way to start a discussion. You can do so by giving a brief about the topic, putting interesting questions to seek opinions, presenting a specific perspective of the topic, etc. Having or taking the chance to start a GD may appear a little tough, but it lends an added advantage as you can steer the discussion in any direction.
5. How can I speak well?
Speaking well in a GD implies speaking clearly and confidently, without getting rude. You also must adhere to the expected etiquette, be a good listener, and maintain positive body language.
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