Interview FAQ :How do I greet the Interviewer?

It is vital to get your greeting right; after all, this is your first chance to impress your interviewers and showcase your strong and confident personality. Let’s breakdown this process and identify what you need to do at each step of the way:
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  • Entering the room: 
    If you are asked to come into the interview room a few minutes after the previous candidate, always knock on the door before entering. Also, remember to close the door behind you. Always ask (in an audible voice) for permission to enter the room. 'May I come in, Sir?' 
    Thank the interviewers after they give the permission.
  • Sitting Down: 
    It is better to keep standing till you are asked to take a seat. When the interviewers asks you to sit down, say "Thank you, Sir/Madam" before sitting down. If not asked, seek permission.
  • Inside the room: 
    Stand with an erect and good posture. You should greet the interviewers by saying "Good Morning." (Or an appropriate greeting to suit the time of the day). Avoid greeting all of them in a sequence; instead look at all the interviewers in the eye and nod to all of them at the same time while wishing them. A smile in the face really helps. Remember first impressions last forever. Exude confidence (loud voice, firm handshake) and show respect and humility at all times.
  • What do I say when leaving the interview room? 
    When the interview ends, you should smile and look at all the interviewers in the eye, say "Thank you" - and through nods and gestures, try to tell the interviewers that you liked the experience. When you walk out of the room, make sure to take your certificates with you and also close the door behind you when you go out.
These are some of the simple things that you need to keep in mind while your greet your interviewer. By simple taking care of these steps, you make sure you follow the interview etiquette expected of you and you leave your interviewers with the desired impression.
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