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Hitbullseye, a premier brand of Bullseye Knowledge System Private Limited, is a dedicated education website providing quality education and training for various entrance examinations both at the Graduate and Under-Graduate level. We pride ourselves in being the fastest growing education portal ranked among the top 5 in test prep in India (as per, an Amazon company). In the last 12 calendar months, more than 60 lakh students have used our portal for MBA, Law, BBA, HM, Management and other domains.

Hitbullseye is popularly known for its quality academic resources including simulated Mocks for various competitive exams. Students across India are benefitting from our well - researched learning resources curated by top-notch faculty. We have consciously kept plenty of resources FREE to ensure the spread of quality education and upgrade the level of preparation of students aspiring to get into good colleges both at the UG & PG level. Our reach is evenly spread across the main cities and upcoming metros in India.

We have more than 5000+ academic articles, 1000+ videos and more than 1 Lac questions on the portal for universal consumption. Our comprehensive learning resources on Maths and English among others are heavily sought after by students of Graduate & Under-Graduate level.

Our core philosophy is to reach out to all young and aspiring minds of our country and provide them with a platform to accelerate their growth.

Our credentials last year:

  • 3+ Crore Pageviews
  • 60+ Lakh Total Visitors
  • 2+ Lacs Registered Users
  • 3rd top site in Alexa Test preparation
  • Alexa ranking 835; ahead of direct competitors
  • ~90k Youtube subscribers and 6.3+ Million views

Online test preparation is the future of the industry, and the transition is happening really fast. Today, every student is accessing some form of learning resources online whether free or paid. Therefore it is imperative for the colleges to advertise on platforms which directly interact with their target audience.

Our national reach and accelerating growth makes us a strong candidate for association with Graduate & Under-Graduate colleges across the country. We are the perfect partner to help your institute reach out to prospective candidates with an exciting mix of various interactive marketing tools.

Why collaborate with us?

  • Fastest growing online portal
  • National recognition
  • Catering to test prep needs of more than 75% of the prospective database
  • Smart data analysis to connect with the appropriate profiles and hence higher ROI
  • Quality learning resources to increase student engagement which means higher visibility for your institute
  • Customized branding for your esteemed organization