The UIIC AO officer is conducted for two streams –Generalists and Specialists. For both the streams the selection process is same but the questions vary. The first stage is Preliminary exam followed by Mains Exam and the last stage being Interview
Feedback – Personal Interview
Duration: 15-20 minutes
No. of Panelists:4
Excerpts from interview 1:
Candidate Profile- B. Tech in ECE
Questions: Introduce yourself? What is cloud computing? What are your extra-curricular activities? Do you have siblings? Why do you think women should work and why do you want to work? Which location will you prefer for your job? Can you move to any other state for your work? (Follow Up- Have you ever been to South India?) How will you manage your family life? Why are you not pursuing a career in your field? Did you appear in GATE exam?
Excerpts from Interview 2:
Candidate Profile- B. Tech in Mechanical
Questions- So you are a mechanical engineer. Which one is the oldest machine? What is thermodynamics? How mechanical engineering is going to help in insurance sector? What is GDP? Alright, so what is GNP according to you? What is management? What are the functions of a manager? What is TQM? What is six-sigma?
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