RBI Grade B Officer

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The RBI Grade B officer’s selection process consists of three stages – Phase I(Preliminary Exam), Phase II(Mains Examination) and Personal Interview
Feedback – Personal Interview
Duration: 15-20 minutes
No. of Panelists:5
Excerpts from interview 1:
Candidate Profile- Working at Central Excise Department
Questions- Your hobby is speedcubing, don’t you get bored solving the same thing again and again. Are you still improving your timing? What do you do in volunteering?  How much is India’s Tax to GDP ratio? Do you think it is low? What can be done to improve it? How much is it in advanced nations? What can be done to improve the tax to GDP ratio in India? This tax:GDP ratio, does it include state taxes as well? What are non tax sources of revenue?
Follow up questions- Does World Bank give grants?; Do you think India’s tax system has equity in it? Follow up- What progressive , a large section is left untaxed , agriculture. Don’t you think they need to be taxed? Why is agriculture not taxed? Under whom does it fall? ; Ok you are from Central excise department. Tell me how GST is going to change your role? Ok you are from Central excise department. Tell me how GST is going to change your role? Follow Up- In GST, who would decide on issue of classification of goods? What views do you have on the timing of demonetisation? How is cashless India as an idea?  What do you know about the latest electoral reforms?
Excerpts from interview 2:
Candidate Profile: BE Graduate, Working in an IT firm
Questions: What is your role in your company? What does the company do? What does the RBI do? Question about farm loan waivers in UP and Maharashtra. The NPA level is about 7 lakh crores and the govt is waiving just 35000–40000 crores and helping farmers. Is it wrong? If yes Why? .What is Insolvency and bankruptcy code . Will it help? How ? What is the main difference that it aims to bring? How is economy leveraging IT industry and IT advancement?
Excerpts from interview 3:
Candidate Profile: Graduated from Christ University in BCom Hons
Questions: Questions based on achievements mentioned in the biodata; Questions related to subjects of graduation; So where did you pick up Tamil? Is it your mother tongue?  Have you heard about Twin Balance sheet Syndrome? What is it?  What are the items that are in stress in Corporate balance sheet? Ratio, if any?  What ratios does the bank consider while giving loans to corporates? Questions related to repo, term repo, call money, their difference, etc.  Have you heard about IndAS? What is it? Is Indian industry read for IFRS 9? What has RBI done to ensure Financial Institutions follow IndAS? What is shadow banking? What is NBFC? How are they different from normal banks? Since you are a Finance and Investment student, you must be seeing balance sheets a lot… What was a major expense of RBI this year? What are sin goods in GST?
RBI Grade B officer’s selection process consists of Phase I online examination, Phase II online examination and personal interview.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-25 minutes.
No. of Panelists: 5
  • Excerpts from Interview 1: Why did you not work anywhere? In which language you made your websites? Explain RBI and its working? What does IRAC norms mean? What is/are its significance? What does "provisioning to banks" mean? What is bond buying program of US? How does it work? How can the Reserve Banks just print currency and distribute it? If the interest rates were so low how does it help injecting money in other economies? How do these China economy crises affect Indian investors? What is economical survey and tell me some important points? What was your optional in phase II? What are your hobbies? What do you write? Have you watched the teaser of MS Dhoni : The untold story? How was it? Which actor/actress movies earned most in a single year in bollywood?
  • Excerpts from Interview 2: Which movie got Oscar yesterday? Which Director got the Oscar? And actor? You worked for a company and then left it soon, why? Why did not you re-join any? What is the biggest finance news of 2016? What is the negative interest rate policy? And why did Japan adopt it? Did any other bank adopt it before? Tell about RBI and its working. How does RBI earn profit? What is the role of RBI in Payment and Settlement system? What are the departments in RBI? Do you know about NPA? What are the catching announcements? What was the last novel that you read? Name the song which was recently released in six languages? Which is better JAVA or .NET?
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