Syndicate Bank PO – 2017

Syndicate Bank PO selection process consists of an Online Objective & Descriptive Exam, followed by Group Discussion & Interview. This interview is conducted by the banks interested in recruiting Probationary Officers for a particular year.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 10-15 Minutes.
No. of Panelists: 5
Excerpts from Interview 1: What is the difference between debit card and credit card? Where exactly is the corporate office of syndicate bank? Who is the present cmd of syndicate bank? Who all are the executives of syndicate bank? What is the logo of your home state?
Excerpts from Interview 2: What is the logo of syndicate bank then? What are the present business figures of syndicate bank? What do you know about negotiable instruments? Which state has got the maximum literacy rate in India? Name the state which has more females than male in India? Which state exactly is the lowest in literacy?
Excerpts from Interview 3: Who is the first lady prime minister of India and what has she done for your country? What is the full form of BSNL? What are the functions of RBI? What are the basic documents necessary for opening a bank account? All the Indian coins are made in which city? Where are the Indian Currency notes printed? What do you know about the nationalization of banks? What is the basic difference between SBI and PNB? What do you suppose is the main work of the banks?
Excerpts from Interview 4: How will you open accounts of an IT people in Hi-tech city (IT hub of Hyderabad), How will you do marketing of our bank product compared with private sector banks, Have you heard of NPA, How to manage NPA, What are low interest deposits, What are checkable deposits, What are the functions of commercial banks.
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