Kotak Bank

Position : Relationship Manager
Applied through college or university - interviewed at Kotak Mahindra in November 2017.
Feedback-Personal Interview
Direct interview on campus process.
Average Duration : 15-20 minutes
No. of Panelists : 2-3
Excerpts from Interview : Tell me about yourself? Basic CV related questions? What are the top 30 NSE/BSE companies? What’s BETA? Tell me about a recent merger? Recent IPO? What are your favorite subjects? Questions on current affair? Difference between public Ltd and private Ltd company? Questions on balance sheet heads and their sub headings?
Position : Deputy Manager
Applied through a recruiter. The process took over two weeks. Interviewed at Kotak Mahindra (Hyderabad) in April 2017.
Feedback : Personal Interview
The process was smooth and easy. Nearly 60 candidates came for the interview. First, the Area Sales Manager took the interview, and second, the Marketing Manager took the interview. The final interview was by the HR.
Average Duration : 15-20 minutes
No. of Panelists : 3
Excerpts from Interview : Tell me about your past experience? How can you fit for this position? How you will increase the sales? Do you have any knowledge in banking sector? What are banking products? Sale me a pen which is in your hand? Give me demo? What was the budget in previous company? How did you perform? How will you do the budget here? Questions on OD,CC, Stock statements? Why insurance? What is Fund Based & Non Fund Based accounts?
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