Interview Question Bank- IBPS RRB

Top Question asked in IBPS RRB:
  1. Tell us something about yourself in one minute?
  2. Where do you come from? What is the specialty of your home town?
  3. As a student of Arts/ Science or Commerce why didn’t you applied for higher studies?
  4. Does anyone in your family serve the banking industry? What is your relationship with him/ her.
  5. Name the organization that regulates RRBs in India?
  6. Why do you want to join Banking Sector?
  7. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  8. Whom do you admire the most and why?
  9. Why did you leave your current job?
  10. Tell some of the projects you did in the past?
  11. What idea do you frame of life?
  12. What idea do you have about the Banking Industry?
  13. Do you acquire any knowledge on Computers? Elaborate it.
  14. What do you do to overcome your weaknesses?
  15. What do you know about Regional Rural Banks? How many RRBs are there in the country?
  16. What is the source of funds for RRBs?
  17. Which government started the LPG policy in India?
  18. What is LPG all about? When was it started?
  19. Why Bank Jobs after your qualification in IT?
  20. Is the leader and manager same for any organization?
  21. How will you differentiate between a leader and a manager?
  22. How will you serve our bank: as a leader or as a manager?
  23. What is the role of HR in an organization?
  24. How will you define NPA? Are there any ways to reduce NPAs in the banks?
  25. Do you have any idea about the latest crop insurance scheme for farmers?
  26. Do you have any idea about the Indian Constitution?
  27. Name the highest literary award given in India?
  28. Do you know the name of person who won the Jnanpith Award in 2016?
  29. What is ‘Eazypay’ launched by ICICI Bank?
  30. What do you know about Mid- day meal scheme launched by the Indian government?
  31. What is the new name of Gurgaon?
  32. Do you have interest in sports?
  33. What is the latest buzz in the cricket world?
  34. Name three risks that the banks face?
  35. What is CRR? What is the current CRR?
  36. Tell the difference between cheque and demand draft?
  37. Give one point of difference between commercial banks and private banks?
  38. What is an overdraft?
  39. Tell something about Bhartiya Mahila Bank?
  40. Speak on FIFA World Cup for a minute?
  41. What do you know about plastic currency?
  42. Do you know what percent of the revenue the companies have to contribute towards CSR?
  43. What are the negotiable instruments?
  44. Differentiate between Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment?
  45. Do you know the concept of Diminishing Marginal Utility?
  46. What was the initial name of NITI Aayog?
  47. Is NITI Aayog a constitutional body?
  48. Tell something about Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna?
  49. What do you know about OROP?
  50. What is the current repo rate and reverse repo rate?
  51. How do you see SBI vs Other Banks?
  52. What are BASEL Norms?
  53. What is NEFT / RTGS?
  54. What is the usage of IFSC Code?
  55. What do you understand by divestment? How is it different from investment?
  56. You must be aware of the free internet facility provided by Reliance Jio? What are your views on it?
  57. What id FDI and FII?
  58. What do you know about Demonetization Bill introduced in Lok Sabha?
  59. State some points of Union Budget 2017?
  60. Share your views on Business Cycles?
  61. What is DMAT Account?
  62. Name some assets and liabilities for a bank?
  63. Comment on Make in India scheme launched by the Modi government?
  64. What are the different policies of RRBs?
  65. Give some idea about RBI current policy and Reserve Rates?
  66. What are the different types of accounts in Banks?
  67. Why are venture capitalists opposite to angel investors?
  68. Tell about CTS?
  69. Tell about sub- prime lending?
  70. Differentiate between shares and debentures?
  71. What is the need of Trial Balance?
  72. How will you define the term management?
  73. Why do you think India failed to win gold medal in Olympics 2016?
  74. How will banks help to improve the society?
  75. What will you comment on women empowerment?
  76. Share your views on women entrepreneurship?
  77. Tell about GST and its pros and cons?
  78. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
  79. Share your views on India 2020?
  80. What idea do you frame of insurance sector in India?
  81. If given a chance to improve the economic situation of the country, what are the various initiatives you will take?
  82. What do you know about Banc assurance?
  83. Comment on Aam Aadmi Party?
  84. Share your views on Small and Medium Enterprises?
  85. What do you know NABARD?
  86. Tell something about E- Choupal?
  87. How successful is the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in country?
  88. What are your views on the performance of India Paralympics?
  89. What do you understand by Lender of the last resort?
  90. Share your views on NBFCs?
  91. Give key differences between BSE and NSE?
  92. What do you know about Digital India?
  93. What will you comment on Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Elections?
  94. What will you say about G20 Summit?
  95. How many associate SBI have?
  96. If you are selected in any other government job, than you will quit RRB or not?
  97. How will you define the role of SEBI?
  98. What do you understand by BASEL III Norms?
  99. What are your views on Kashmir issue?
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