Interview Question Bank- IBPS PO

Top Question asked in IBPS PO:
  1. Introduce yourself/ Tell us something about yourself.
  2. What are your hobbies and areas of interest?
  3. Give one reason, why you want to join Banking Sector?
  4. Who inspires you the most in life?
  5. Are you comfortable with travelling or relocating?
  6. Does anyone in your family serve the banking industry? What is your relationship with him/ her.
  7. Discuss something on any topic of your interest for one minute.
  8. What is more important for you:career growth opportunities, perks or salary and why?
  9. After your B.Tech/ BE/ M.Tech/ MCA/MBA/ ME why you want to join Banking Sector? How will you be beneficial to us?
  10. What are various qualities one should possess to become a Bank Officer? Do you think you possess those?
  11. How will be you differentiate between a manager and a leader?
  12. What is your biggest achievement in life?
  13. So, what all you know about the banking sector?
  14. When were the banks nationalized?
  15. Why Bank Jobs after your qualification in IT?
  16. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you do to overcome your weaknesses?
  17. Do you have any idea about the Indian Constitution?
  18. Do you have any idea about the latest crop insurance scheme for farmers?
  19. Tell something about open market operations?
  20. Why do you think AADHAR card numbers are linked to bank accounts?
  21. Name the basic documents that a person requires to open an account?
  22. Why you want to join banking sector, even after having work experience?
  23. What are the hurdles you faced in past job?
  24. Tell something about RBI and its key functions?
  25. Do you have any idea about the financial inclusion?
  26. What do you know about NBFC and give one point of difference between Banks and NBFC?
  27. Share your views about GST?
  28. What are the latest gold schemes launched by government and their various benefits?
  29. What are the Non- Performing Assets of a company?
  30. Distinguish between private banks and nationalized banks.
  31. Name three risks that the banks face?
  32. What is CRR?
  33. Differentiate between cheque and demand draft?
  34. What is the monetary policy of RBI?
  35. What is the current Cash Reserve Ratio?
  36. Name the governor of RBI?
  37. Suppose you are a sales manager in the bank, how will you market the banking products?
  38. Throw some light on Corporate Social Responsibility
  39. What is the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?
  40. These days demonetization is the buzzword in the economy, what do you think of it? Tell something about its effects on the economy.
  41. Do you think banking sector plays an important role in boosting the Indian economy?
  42. Name the different types of bank accounts?
  43. What is the full form of SLR and its meaning?
  44. What will you do in the situation: If you give loan to someone and the person ran, what will you do? How will you recover the loan amount?
  45. Define the term NPA and can you give some example of it.
  46. What is a Plastic Card and name some plastic cards?
  47. State the difference between Sales Tax and VAT.
  48. What is the current SLR?
  49. What is the capital adequacy ratio?
  50. Name the regulator of capital market?
  51. Name some alternate channels of banking?
  52. Name the Noble prize winner for Economics in 2017.
  53. Do you have any idea about the 27th or latest public sector bank in India?
  54. What is Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate? Can you tell the basic difference between the two?
  55. State the difference between NEFT and RTGS.
  56. What do you know about GST?
  57. Who are the Bharat Ratna Awardees in the year 2017?
  58. Define the term GDP? What is the current GDP of the country?
  59. Throw some light on the idea of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  60. What are the various steps government take to curb inflation?
  61. How will you differentiate between organized and unorganized sector?
  62. Name the associate banks of SBI?
  63. How important is CASA portfolio for the bank?
  64. Do you think banks play a role in women empowerment? Justify your stand.
  65. How many alpha- numeric numbers are there in total in a PAN Card?
  66. Tell the basic difference between banking and finance?
  67. What are the different types of taxes imposed by the government?
  68. What do you know about IRDA and tell some of its functions?
  69. Name the department that handles cyber crime in India?
  70. What do you understand by CBS?
  71. What is IFSC Code and why is it used?
  72. Give us one reason for why should we select you?
  73. How do you see SBI vs Other Banks?
  74. What idea do you have about Basel norms?
  75. Share your views on Business Cycles?
  76. What do you about the scams in the country?
  77. Name the highest civilian award in India?
  78. Who is the biggest player in the online retail industry?
  79. Define Bills of Exchange and the Negotiable Instruments?
  80. Give one point of difference between debit card and the credit card?
  81. Any challenge, you think banks face these days?
  82. What do you know about the latest crop insurance scheme started for farmers?
  83. Can you tell basic difference between devaluation and depreciation of the currency?
  84. What role do banks play in the economic development of the nation?
  85. Angel Investors are opposite of Venture Capitalists. Can you justify this statement?
  86. Tell me something about Base Rate?
  87. What do you know about Banc assurance?
  88. Is Banking Ombudsman Scheme applied on commercial banks?
  89. What will you comment on Donald Trump winning the US Presidential Elections?
  90. What are the pros and cons of the cashless economy?
  91. Do you know how SLR is determined?
  92. Name the different gold schemes launched by the government. What are its benefits?
  93. What is the biggest problem that the banks are facing?
  94. Tell something about the World Bank?
  95. How many public and private sector banks are there in total?
  96. Tell something about plastic money?
  97. What are kiosks? These days’ banks have come up with different kiosks. Name them.
  98. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
  99. What qualities do you feel are required for a Bank Officer?
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