The NIACL (New India Assurance Company Limited) conducts the exam for recruitment of Administrative Officers (AO) for the Generalists stream. The exam is conducted in three strages- the Preliminary exam followed by the Mains Exam and concluded by an Interview.
Feedback – Personal interview
Duration- 15-20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 5
Excerpts from Interview 1:
Candidate Profile- BDS graduate
Questions- Tell how many total non life insurance companies are functioning in India?  How many are public sector and their head quarters? Is GIC still there? What is that? What is re insurance? You are a BDS and doing private practice still why do u want to come in insurance? But insurance will be a new sector for you, how would u succeed in it? But with hard work u can attain success in your field also. Okay you are married, what does your wife do?  Did u apply for other jobs? What are results? What is the name of policy taken usually by doctors and why?  What is corporate governance?  What is corporate social responsibility? What are basic principles of insurance? Who offers a contract and who accepts it? Or it is the other way? What about good faith?
Excerpts from Interview 2:
Candidate Profile- Worked in a software company
Questions- Introduce yourself. You are a post graduate and have work experience in a Software company for 2 yrs. Why did you resign your job? Do you think the government will hold you till retirement though you don’t work? What is insurance? Why It is legal contract? What is difference between contract and agreement? Tell me about Life insurance and Non Life insurance how you differentiate both? What is Micro finance and Micro insurance? Who is the father of micro finance?  In which year Bangladesh got independence? What was Bangladesh called before independence? Who is the chief of the army staff? Asked about North eastern states and cross checked whether Sikkim is a NE state? Which are our neighbouring countries? What is the old name of Myanmar? Name some people 5 males and 5 females who influence you the most? What are your hobbies? What are management skills that you learn from Mahabharata?  Tell me some recently released books and their authors? Name some general insurance companies in India?
Excerpts from Interview 3:
Candidate Profile- B. Tech graduate
Questions- Questions about family. What have you been doing in bangalore from the past 5 years? What are Mangalore and Karwar famous for? Anything else in Karawar?  There is a nuclear power plant there. Do you have any idea?  How to do estate management because NIACL has largest properties and estate among all the insurers? Tell us about how to repair and strengthen buildings?
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