Important Group Discussion Topics for Bank PO Exams 2018

The selection process of various banking exams like SBI PO, RBI PO etc consists of a rigorous process. After the written examinations are over, shortlisted candidates are asked to appear in the Group Discussion Round.  The GD round can be a tricky-ball game since it checks a candidate on multiple aspects like general awareness, communication skills, team skills, etc. In this article, we bring you some of the important topics of group discussion that could feature in the selection process this year.
  1. Are we misusing the right to freedom?
  2. Cleanliness - The fundamental duty of every citizen
  3. One Rank One Pension scheme: Merits and demerits
  4. What measures should be adopted for avoiding NPA?
  5. Pros and cons of SBI merger?
  6. Reservations in education and jobs -  Is it justified?
  7. Swachch Bharat Abhiyan: Success or failure?
  8. NSG - the need of the hour for India.
  9. Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy
  10. Women employment is possible through mass awareness rather than launching programmes.
  11. Public sector banks are true backbone of Indian rural economy since private sector banks only focus on profit maximization.
  12. Indian Bureaucracy should be more accountable to the public or else it will not be empathetic to the problems of Indian people.
  13. Wind power Vs Solar Energy?
  14. Is government just renaming the old schemes?
  15. How useful is the Moderation policy in CBSE?
  16. Cultural reforms, Strict laws or Educational Reform what is more important for Women Empowerment?
  17. Should Capital Punishment be abolished?
  18. Banks levying charges on cash transactions – Is it a good move?
  19. In what way Payment Banks are useful?
  20. What will be the impact of GST on Indian Economy?
  21. How does US Presidential Elections affect us?
  22. Air Traffic Controllers should be more concerned about the safety of passengers.
  23. Fasal Bima Yojna.
  24. In what way Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme helped our society?
  25. Smart cities in India.
  26. Impacts of Mann Ki Baat?
  27. Educational System in India is suitable or needs modification?
  28. How can we deal with increasing Cyber Crimes?
  29. Should India have One Child Policy?
  30. How is 7th pay commission making government employees more responsible?
  31. How helpful is the Demonetarization Drive?
  32. The South China Sea is an area where India should focus more now rather than Pakistan.
  33. Surgical Strike issues?
  34.  What is the role of Social Media?
  35. Are gold investments profitable?
  36. Beauty contests degrade womanhood?
  37. Food bill – Does India really need it?
  38. Is inflation always harmful?
  39. Is underemployment more harmful than unemployment?
  40. Rise of Patanjali – Marketing lessons to learn
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