Group Discussion in Bank PO process: Evaluation Parameters

Group Discussion forms an essential stage of the selection process in most of the Banks. GDs are conducted to assess various skills and traits of candidates. The performance of candidates is evaluated on the basis of their ability to work in groups and various other professional and interpersonal skills. Given below are the important evaluation parameters on which your performance is judged in a group discussion.
Content: State relevant facts and examples to support your arguments in a GD. Supportive data reflect your knowledge about the topic. Quality of content holds more importance than the amount of time you speak for. Your content is generally judged in terms of the following:
  • Strength of point
  • New point
  • Building upon an existing point
  • Rephrasing an existing point
  • Rationale explained behind the point
  • Quality of examples given
  • Quality of initiative shown
  • Teamwork shown
Body Language: Body Language is one of the most important elements of communication. A positive body language and appropriate gestures convey confidence and interests of a candidate. Also, it helps you build rapport with other candidates and displays active participation. You need to learn to disagree politely and avoid any aggressive or defensive behaviour.  The body language of a candidate is judged on the following parameters:
  • Style of sitting
  • Eye contact while speaking
  • Movement of hands
  • Listening style
Communication skills: It is essential that you put forward your point in a polite, firm and objective way. You need to speak clearly as well as listen to others. You need to optimize the duration for which you speak ensuring that you as well as the whole group gets the appropriate amount of time to discuss the given topic.. In a group discussion, you need to focus more on your social and interpersonal skills. A right balance of speaking and listening skills is essential to ace a group discussion. Your communication skills are generally evaluated on the basis of following parameters:
  • Clarity of voice/Voice modulation
  • Command over language/wit & humour
  • Assertiveness
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