Interview FAQ : How to introduce yourself in the interview ?

HR interviews can be a tricky ball game, since it grills a candidate on his/her personality. There are no right or wrong answers in an HR interview, since it is just a method of the interviewer to dig deeper into the personality of the candidate and check his/her job fitment. However, there are always certain ways of answering HR interview questions that can make a student stand-out from the rest. In this article, we will help you with ways to answer the common HR interview question of 'Introducing yourself'.
Why does the panel typically ask you to introduce yourself? Why is this question asked and how should I answer it?
The most common way to begin an interview revolves around one simple question: Tell us something about yourself. This question, though seemingly simple, is the one that sets-up the whole interview. An imprecise response here can do irreversible damage, as this is the question is the window through which you let in the panelist into your life and thought processes.
Common mistakes made while answering this question type:
  • Majority students are not sure about this question and can never really nail down the details that they would like to share here. 
  • Majority of the students suffer from the common problem of being too wordy with this answer.
  • Students either provide irrelevant details or they provide opinions that are not justified.
How to approach this question type?
In this question, you should ideally form a road map with your background information acting as a guide. Make sure the answer is clear, crisp and concise. In this question, you provide a brief introduction about yourself and your achievements, and should not list every certificate you have won, every competition you have taken part in, your detailed academic performance and so on. All you need to provide succinct information about your background, academic performances, and strengths and any important activity that you might be doing at the time. You can also provide a passing reference to your hobbies and activities. 
The candidates must answer such a question in a way that it brands them and drops innocuous teasers for the panel to ask subsequent questions. This is the opportunity to lead the interviewer into your comfort zone.
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