Interview FAQ : What should I wear to the Interview?

What should I wear to the Interview?
The answer to this question is a simple one: the dress code should be comfortable as long as you take into account the protocol of the interview.
  • Why is it important?
    • First impression is extremely important. A formal dress code asserts your commitment to a task.
    • A comfortable dress gives you the confidence, and allows you to focus on the task at hand.
    • It is a hygiene factor (everyone else will be well dressed). What this means is that this is the bare minimum expected from you; not dressing well will land you in a soup and dressing well only means that you have done what was expected of you.
    • It shows respect to the interviewer.
  • Male Dress Code:
    For males, the usual dress code is formal shirts, trousers, and shoes. A tie is also the general norm in the interviews and should be worn for the occasion. Some candidates wear a suit/blazer to the interviews - this is also preferred but it is important to keep the weather in mind. There is no point sweating outside the interview hall. The tie you wear, its color, the pattern should suit the protocol of the interview. Please note that wearing slippers, jeans, informal shirts, etc. gives the impression that you are not serious for the interview.
  • Ideal Dress for Men: 
    Dark Blue Blazer, White shirt, Red or any Dark color Tie, Grey/Fawn Trouser, Grey Socks, Formal Lace Shoes.
  • Female Dress Code: 
    For ladies, the usual dress code is a salwar suit or a sari with suitable footwear. A formal skirt may also be worn. Here again, it is important that you feel comfortable with what you wear. If you are wearing a sari for the first time, you might feel very uncomfortable, trip over etc. It is important that you do not put too much of make-up and jewellery. Long hair should be groomed or tied and preferably, not left open. 
Do's Don'ts
Be aware of the brands you are wearing.  
Wear polished shoes / clean footwear Wear flashy / colourful clothes
Be clean shaven/support a properly trimmed beard Wear loose tie
Have your hair well groomed Too much oil in your hair
Carry a neat folder, with all your certificates and their photocopies. Carry a plastic bag into the Interview room.
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