Know how to crack LIC - AAO/ ADO Interview

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is an Indian state-owned insurance group and investment company headquartered in Mumbai. It is the largest insurance company in India. AAO stands for Assistant Administrative Officer. The job profile involves administrative work like devising new schemes, inspecting policies, client interaction, co-coordinating with other departments about a scheme/ policy, provide assistance, etc. ADO (Apprentice Development Officer) profile includes responsibilities like recruitment of agents, giving them required training for policy sales; enable them to provide service for the existing customers.
Every year, LIC conducts an online examination and an interview process for the selection of officers for the posts of AAO and ADO. The short-listed candidates become eligible to take the interview. A job interview is an official meeting in which the interviewer or the panel interrogates or judges the interviewee. The following questions for AAO/ ADO Interview should help you prepare well:
Personal Questions: To start with, besides the general personal HR Questions about your hobbies, strengths, weakness, career goals, and achievements; prepare your resume well. Sometimes, the interviewer might ask questions like - where you want to see yourself in next 5 years and so on. So, be sure you have prepared answers to such frequently asked questions.
Profile-based Questions: Based on your graduation discipline, you can expect basic level questions on the same or on your favorite subjects. If you have work experience, then expect questions on your work, reasons for leaving your previous job and interest in the current industry. So what is needed here is a logical answer convincing enough to justify your shift.
Knowledge-based Questions: In the LIC interview, expect questions which test your level of knowledge in different domains. These areas can be broadly divided as follows:
  • About the Insurance Industry: Always know about the corporation/ job profile for which you are appearing in an interview. A few examples of such questions are:
    • What do you know about Life Insurance?
    • What do you mean by word Insurance?
    • How many types of Insurance companies are there?
    • What is the role of AAO/ ADO in LIC?
    • When was LIC established?
  • Banking and Finance: Questions on banking and finance test your basic knowledge about key concepts like historical evolution and the working of important institutions like RBI and IRDA, FDI limit in the insurance sector, etc.
  • Current Affairs: The interview panel expects the candidates to have a fair knowledge of recent developments in the fields affecting the banking industry.
  • The obvious question that every interviewer asks in an interview is "why should we hire you?” To answer this question, highlight the unique traits that make you an ideal choice. Also, to focus on your accomplishments, strengths and how you accomplish things and get the job done. You can talk about what you have gained over the years and how you can use it in the new workplace. Last but not the least; you can also explain how this job is perfect for your skill set.
LIC Interview Tips
  • Dress formally and groom yourself properly.
  • Stay calm and be ready for the next question.
  • Be alert during whole interview session and listen carefully to questions before answering.
  • Be optimistic and assertive in your answers.
  • Justify your answers with the help of examples.
  • Be confident and have a positive attitude.
  • Be prepared with common questions like, introduce yourself, etc.
Follow the above strategy and keep updating your knowledge of current affairs on regular basis to succeed in the LIC - AAO/ ADO interview!
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