How to crack SBI SO Interview

Every year, SBI (State Bank of India) conducts SBI SO exam for various specialist posts like Manager (Credit Analyst), Manager (Business Development & Marketing), Manager (Digital Banking), Manager (Digital Marketing), etc. The recruitment is carried out in two stages: shortlisting and personal interview. An adequate number of candidates are selected for the interview on the basis of minimum years of work experience and profile required for each post.  So, interview holds a crucial weightage in your final selection.
Following are some of the tips and strategies to handle various kinds of questions in SBI SO interview:
  • Personality-based questions:
The interview panel intends to evaluate your personality traits and clarity of mind through such kind of questions. Generally, you are asked about your personal values, strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc. Answer these questions in a confident and positive tone as to make a good first impression on the panel.
  • Profile-based questions:
These questions probe you on your academic background and work experience. Go through the fundamentals of your major academic subjects to answer the related questions well. Also, the panel inquires about your job profile, previous job experiences and challenges faced, etc. You need to be aware of the latest changes and happenings in the sector you were working with.
  • Knowledge-based questions:
You are required to have knowledge about the role and bank you have applied for. Study the following areas for the various specialist posts:
IT officers: Questions are generally based on computer basics, server configuration, networking and security, etc.
Marketing officers: Questions relate to marketing strategies, bank products, market conditions in banking sector, etc.
Agricultural officers: Questions are asked on farming techniques, soil types, crop varieties, etc.
HR officers: Questions are based on behavioral techniques, performance appraisal, employee relations, etc.
Law officers: Questions relate to legal rules and acts regarding banking and financial sector.
Apart from the above related areas, the interview panel checks your general awareness as well as evaluates your knowledge of major events and current happenings of the world. You also need to be aware of the basic banking terms and terminologies.
Some other tips:
  • Communication skills:
It is essential that you use an appropriate and effective language to express your opinions. Also, you need to be brief and precise while answering specific questions. Apart from being a good communicator, you also need to be an active listener. Stay confident and polite even when the panel contradicts your answer.
  • Body Language:

Maintain a positive body language, appropriate gestures, pleasant disposition and proper etiquettes throughout your interview. Non-verbal communication plays an important role in an interview and can make or mar your chances of selection.

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