ACIO Interview Preparation tips

The selection procedure of ACIO is entirely based on the performance in the Written Test and the Interview. Written test will be both objective and subjective type. After clearing the written test the candidates are shortlisted for the interview round. The Interview is normally conducted by a Team of 3-4 Members (usually IPS Officers, accompanied by a Psychologist). The time duration for the interview process is generally of 5-10 minutes.
Know what the interviewer is looking for
Before you start preparing for the interview, you must understand what an interviewer is looking for. All the questions by the panel must be addressed keeping in mind the demands of the job. For starters, your attitude and confidence must be right with clarity in the thought process.
Some questions you should definitely prepare for the interview are:
  • Introduce yourself
  • What are your strengths and weakness?
  • What are your long term goals?
  • Why do you want to work with the Public Sector Unit?
  • What is the most significant achievement of your life?
Profile Based
  • What qualities do you have to make into IB?
  • What have been the latest developments in your field?
  • Why do you want to join as an ACIO?
  • Why not other Govt. job based on your technical background?
  • How will your Degree be useful in this job?
Situational Questions
  • What if you know the name of person and his locality how would you gather information about him?
  • Why should we first of all conduct a secret enquiry instead of asking the details directly to the person?
  • How will you extract information about naxalites in an area?
  • There is a terrorist named XYZ living in XYZ. How would you gather info secretively about this guy?
  • Can we eliminate corruption from public life with the bills like Jan Lokpal bill?
Intelligence System/Internal Security
  • What security threats is India facing today?
  • Difference between Incursion , Insurgency, Terrorism, Militancy
  • How do you increase rural employment?
  • What is the difference between Maoism and Naxalism?
About Organization
  • Difference between IB and RAW
  • What is the Job Profile of ACIO?
  • Emotional Intelligence Vs Intellectual Intelligence.
  • Do you think IB plays any role in anti-corruption?
  • Why IB collects information secretively?
General Knowledge
  • Could you please differentiate between human rights and Internal Security?
  • Difference between Communism and Communalism
  • What is AICC?
  • What is NATO? List some members of NATO?
  • What are the cyber security threats?
Current Affairs
  • What is the socio political scenario of your State?
  • Extremist groups of your State, if any.
  • Presently what are the major problems faced by India?
  • What is the current topic in the news?
  • Why IB?
  • Comment on Women's safety in India and what needs to be done for same?
  • Have you given other exams as well? / Are you applying for other jobs as well?
  • How do you see terrorism?
Points to keep in mind
  • Before the interview process starts, you might need to submit the detailed application form which includes your personal and professional details (if any).
  • Be confident to answer the question with fluency.
  • Your body language, the way of answering questions, knowledge and skills are very important to make the interview a success.
  • Also, you should be updated of contemporary issue or events going at national or international level as interviewers can ask your opinion on them.
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