5 qualities B-schools look for!

In this article we shall look at and appreciate the various skills which are under scanner in the MBA admission process. These are the skills which are most frequently judged by B-schools to assess the fit of a candidate with the management programme that one wishes to pursue.
Willingness to learn
Organizations need to constantly learn. This is important because organizations operate in a dynamic and fluid environment, where change is the prime driving force. The MBA program seeks to enrol candidates with a willingness to learn, as manifested in various aspects of a candidate’s life. Further, the program is committed to developing business fundamentals through a study of economics, finance, marketing, operations, systems, organizational behaviour etc. Academic flexibility marks most of these programs and students normally get the option of studying multiple specializations. The B-school offers a practical, application-oriented, user-friendly environment. Willingness to learn is a major requirement and a potent driving force in such an environment.
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High levels of initiative
Initiative is the ability to take the first step in the right direction. Successful managers constantly demonstrate this skill at the workplace. B-schools create opportunities for wilful display of skill- classroom discussions, clubs, social projects and student self-governance bodies. This skill is tested during Group Discussions and Group Task held at the second stage of selection process of MBA entrance exams.
Strong task orientation
This measures your ability to take tasks to a level of completion and is a vital lubricant for target attainment. It is perhaps the single largest measure of effectiveness – your ability to achieve the desired goal. Organizations require high levels of task orientation for successful goal accomplishment. B-schools load students with assignments, presentations, case studies and projects. All this demands a strong task orientation. Moreover, a student’s persistence level is checked through this point.
Temperament suitable for team work
Teams are the basic units of organizations. Team implies unity of purpose and collaboration. Ability to work in teams is a prerequisite in organizations. B-schools simulate the business world by requiring students to learn and deliver in teams. This calls for a clear understanding of team dynamics, and appreciation & application of the phrase ‘Team work makes the dream work’!
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Capacity for hard work
No one can deny the fact that hard work is one of the key components for achieving success in any profession. Quoting A. P. J. Abdul Kalam “If four things are followed - having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance - then anything can be achieved”. B-schools require students to juggle multiple things every single day. The day in a B-school is a strenuous one, with a stringent requirement of capacity for hard work and multitasking. B-schools prefer candidates who can stretch themselves unconditionally!
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