Indian Institute of Management, Nagpur (2020- 21)

Selection Process:
There was no GD/ WAT conducted. Students were assessed in Personal Interview.
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Excerpts from interview 1
Candidate’s Profile:B.Com .
Interview Duration: 12-15 minutes
Questions: Introduce yourself? Name the subjects that you have studied in graduation. Define current ratio? What is Net Worth? What is Return on sales? If you become an entrepreneur then what business venture you will open?  You have 30 seconds to convince me why I should give you 100 Crores? What do you understand by dividend?
Excerpts from interview  2
Candidate’s Profile:- B. Sc in Hospitality. Work experience- 26 months.
 Interview Duration - 14 minutes
Questions:  Are you still working with Marriott, what were your job responsibilities there? Situation Based questions: If one of the guests behaved rudely then how would you handle that situation? Tell me 2 things you thinkcan be improved in your department.
Which hotel was your competition in Goa, how can you keep an edge over them? Do you read newspapers?  What was the headline for today ?
Excerpts from interview  3
Candidate’s Profile: Batchelor of Arts
Interview Duration: 12-15 minutes
Number of Panellists: 2
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Questions: Introduce yourself? What is inflation?Why is inflation a problem?What will happen if govt supply so much money to the unemployed people ?How can we infuse inflation?
Excerpts from interview 4
Candidate’s Profile: B.A(Hons) (Economics)
Interview Duration – 10-12 minutes
Questions: Tell us famous tourist destinations of your home state? Why do you want to pursue MBA? Why not pursue post-graduation in your own field? What is the distance between the candidate’s city and that particular city of IIM, in this case Nagpur? Questions based on politics, for instance famous politicians from your state(major scams, contribution etc.).Few questions based on current news, farm laws, elections, covid situation etc.
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