Marketing questions asked in MBA interviews

Marketing is one of the most preferred specializations among MBA students. A specialization in marketing opens abundant job doors for students in fields like sales, market research, advertising, etc. With a high demand for the marketing specialization among students, it is important that students appearing in interviews for MBA colleges are sensitized to the domain of marketing. 
In this article, we bring you some frequently asked marketing questions in MBA college interviews.
Marketing Interview Questions asked in MBA interviews:
  1. What is marketing?
    Ans: Marketing can be termed as the process of selling a product or service. It includes market research and advertising.
  2. What do you understand by STP?
    Ans: STP stands for Segmentation, Targetting and Positioning.
  3. What are the four Ps of marketing? What are the additional 3 Ps?
    Ans: The four Ps of marketing are Product, Place, Price and Placement. The additional three Ps are People, Process and Physical Environment.
  4. What is service marketing?
    Ans: The process of marketing a service like financial services, hospitality and tourism. It is either B2B or B2C.
  5. What is the difference between a consumer and customer?
    Ans: Customer is someone who purchases the product. A consumer is someone who consumes/uses the product. For eg. Dog food (Bought by dog owner (customer), consumed by the dog (consumer)). 
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  7. What is market share?
    Ans: A percentage of total sales volume in a market captured by a brand, product, or company.
  8. What’s a sales funnel?
    Ans:  Also known as the revenue funnel, it is the steps involved in the buying process that a company takes its customers through while selling a product. 
  9. In marketing, what does AIDA stands for?
    Ans: AIDA is a marketing tool that stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.
  10. What do you understand by CRM?
    Ans: CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.
    Other important marketing interview questions:
  11. What are the keys to success in marketing?
  12. Why is digital marketing so successful?
  13. Do me a favour – sell me this pen?
  14. What is the most important skill required in the marketing field?
  15. What is the difference between sales and marketing?
  16. What’s the difference between the push and pull strategies in marketing?
  17. What are some of the marketing campaigns you are aware of? 
  18. What is ambush/guerrilla marketing?
  19. What difference do you find between campaigns by Coke and Pepsi?
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  1. What are the stages of a product life cycle?
  2. In Marketing, what does Positioning mean?
  3. What is Market segmentation?
  4. What about marketing do you love?
  5. If you were the marketing manager of a brand X, how will you market it?
  6. What do you understand by social media marketing?
  7. What are your favourite ad campaigns? Why are they your favourite?
  8. What are some of the different marketing strategies?
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